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Synonyms for collapse

Synonyms for collapse

to fall in

to suddenly lose all health or strength

to give way mentally and emotionally

to undergo sudden financial failure

to undergo capture, defeat, or ruin

a sudden sharp decline in mental, emotional, or physical health

an abrupt disastrous failure

a disastrous overwhelming defeat or ruin

Synonyms for collapse

an abrupt failure of function or complete physical exhaustion

a natural event caused by something suddenly falling down or caving in

the act of throwing yourself down


Related Words

a sudden large decline of business or the prices of stocks (especially one that causes additional failures)

collapse due to fatigue, an illness, or a sudden attack

fold or close up

fall apart

suffer a nervous breakdown

lose significance, effectiveness, or value

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During surgery for hydatid cyst Anaesthetist should always consider the possibility of an anaphylactic reaction especially when there is an unexplained cardiovascular collapse. For favourable outcome, high suspicious, early diagnosis & prompt treatment is essential.
"The new nanomedicine was developed to address the need for better field treatments for massive human blood loss, which can cause cardiovascular collapse, also known as hemorrhagic shock.
Mortality usually results from respiratory failure, cardiovascular collapse, myoglobinuric renal failure, arrhythmias, or DIC, he said in a poster presentation.
Major emboli may result in complete cardiovascular collapse. Both presentations present diagnostic problems as a number of pathologies may account for these scenarios.
Acute cardiovascular collapse is the most common cause of nontraumatic exercise related death in young athletes.
Treatment for the crisis of hyperkalemia from potassium released from injured muscle cells is the most urgent priority in a fulminant MH presentation to prevent cardiovascular collapse. Once you relax the muscle and continue other appropriate measures, things start turning around."
I learned this valuable nugget from one of my colleagues from across town, whom I called in desperation when I thought Stacey was about to suffer cardiovascular collapse for reasons I could not discern.
After unintentional intravascular administration, ventricular arrhythmias, ventricular fibrillation, sudden cardiovascular collapse and death have been reported (Astra Zeneca 2005).
Because the active ITD increased LBNP tolerance time from 2,014 [+ or -] 106 to 2,259 [+ or -] 138 s (P = 0.006), data were analyzed (time and frequency domains) under both conditions at the time at which cardiovascular collapse occurred during the sham experiment to determine the mechanisms underlying this protective effect.
(1) The clinical criteria of brain death, if assessed correctly, can predict irreversible loss of consciousness and eventual cardiovascular collapse. Making the diagnosis of brain death requires specialized medical criteria that may be variably established with varying degrees of clinical expertise, and it is quite outside the verification process of the average person.
* Azalea/Rhododendron--vomiting; drooling; diarrhea; depression; weakness; potentially fatal cardiovascular collapse
Toxicity can lead to coma, seizures, cardiovascular collapse, and death, especially when serum concentrations exceed 3.5 mEq/L.
The amount of fat removed should be limited to six pounds." More than that, Abergel cautions, and the patient runs the risk of a complete cardiovascular collapse. He also advocates getting a clean bill of health from a physician before undergoing the surgery.
In the outbreaks, infection with this virus has been associated with brain stem encephalitis with an acute flaccid paralysis reminiscent of polio and, in the cases where it has proved fatal, pulmonary edema and cardiovascular collapse. In children less than 5 years of age, who make up the majority of patients with these infections, the disease has been fatal in 20% of cases.
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