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Synonyms for cardiorespiratory

of or pertaining to or affecting both the heart and the lungs and their functions

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"There was no upper limit of benefit, but the consequences of poor cardiorespiratory fitness were clear.
Cardiorespiratory fitness shows how aerobically fit you are and how effectively your circulatory system sends oxygen throughout your body.
He defined cardiorespiratory arrest as abrupt loss of heart function, breathing and consciousness.
The researchers noted levels of cardiorespiratory fitness in children are decreasing worldwide with children currently about 15% less fit than their parents were at the same age.
Cardiorespiratory fitness was measured using a submaximal cycle test and expressed as maximal oxygen uptake (VO2 max) in ml/minute/kg body weight.
According to recent studies, morbid illness in both healthy and non-healthy persons can be predicted by the maximal oxygen consumption that determines the cardiorespiratory endurance.2
New research uses more precise methods of measuring cardiorespiratory fitness and highlights another one of its benefits.
Among the military, performance in the job is directly related to morphological, neuromuscular and cardiorespiratory aspects, which are the components of health-related physical fitness (HRPF).
The five groups were: Elite; High level of cardiorespiratory fitness; Above average fitness; Below average fitness; and Low level of cardiorespiratory fitness.
IANS | New York Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic in the US have found that better cardiorespiratory fitness leads to better longevity, regardless of age, with no limit on the positive effects of aerobic fitness.
This textbook explains advanced fitness assessments and exercise prescription, focusing on the components of cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular fitness, body composition, flexibility, and balance.
The researchers showed that exposure of the mother to nicotine during pregnancy can affect the baby's central nervous system and impair the baby's cardiorespiratory responses to stressful environments, e.g.
The National Bureau of Investigation autopsy report stated Allan died of cardiorespiratory arrest.
Scientists found that nicotine in the womb can affect an unborn baby's central nervous system and cardiorespiratory responses to stressful environments.