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Synonyms for cardiorespiratory

of or pertaining to or affecting both the heart and the lungs and their functions

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A new study from a team at the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois reveals the connection between brain activation, cardiorespiratory fitness, and executive function in older adults, finding that dual-task processing in a core executive function brain region is associated with higher cardiorespiratory fitness and dual-task performance.
Recent climate change studies also have shown an association between weather variables and cardiorespiratory mortality.
The researchers said that sedentary behavior may be an important determinant of cardiorespiratory fitness, independent of exercise and the negative effect of six hours of sedentary time on fitness levels was similar in magnitude to the benefit of one hour of exercise.
Benitez, who was with his new club in Qatar, had a severe stomach pain, which was why he was rushed to a hospital, where after a few hours suffered he suffered a cardiorespiratory arrest, which ended his life.
This new textbook aims to give students and physiotherapists new to cardiorespiratory practice a simple and easy to use introduction to the assessment of patients with cardiorespiratory disorders.
Researchers used bicycles to assess participants' cardiorespiratory fitness and gathered information about their and their families' health behaviours.
The risks of lung and colorectal cancer were reduced 68% and 38%, respectively, in men with the highest level of cardiorespiratory fitness, compared with those who were the least fit.
Recent studies have investigated the cardiorespiratory benefits of exergaming in children and adolescents, with an emphasis on the metabolic cost of the activity.
An NIH-funded network of researchers will evaluate potential harmful effects of the Deepwater Horizon disaster on reproduction and birth outcomes, the cardiorespiratory system, and behavior and mental health.
Coroner Roger Whittaker said he died from cardiorespiratory failure brought on by alcohol poisoning.
And when it comes to long-term health, cardiorespiratory fitness may be a more important marker than how much children weigh, they said.
The pattern of the association between muscular strength and death from all causes and cancer persisted after further adjustment for cardiorespiratory fitness; however, the association between muscular strength and death from cardiovascular disease was attenuated after further adjustment for cardiorespiratory fitness.
2005) and other indices of cardiorespiratory fitness and blood lipid concentrations (Boreham et al.