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Synonyms for bypass

get round

go round



Synonyms for bypass

the act, an instance, or a means of avoiding

to pass around but not through

Synonyms for bypass

a highway that encircles an urban area so that traffic does not have to pass through the center

a surgically created shunt (usually around a damaged part)

Related Words

a conductor having low resistance in parallel with another device to divert a fraction of the current

avoid something unpleasant or laborious

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As reported by Allen BS and colleagues that the O2 requirement of beating empty heart is reduced more than 50% as compared to the beating filled heart.11 Taking the concept from these studies, when we established cardiopulmonary bypass in unstable patients, the body perfusion is supported and maintained by a pump and not by heart.
European versus North American cardioplegia: comparison of Bretschneider's and Roe's cardioplegic solutions in a canine model of cardiopulmonary bypass. Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 1990; 38: 10-14, doi: 10.1055/ s-2007-1013983.
Jazayeri et al., "Systemic free radical activation is a major event involved in myocardial oxidative stress related to cardiopulmonary bypass," Anesthesiology, vol.
Effects of high-dose ulinastatin on inflammatory response and pulmonary function in patients with type-A aortic dissection after cardiopulmonary bypass under deep hypothermic circulatory arrest.
Validation of rotational thromboelastometry during cardiopulmonary bypass: A prospective, observational in-vivo study.
Simultaneous bypass grafting of the aorta and of the coronary arteries while the patient was on cardiopulmonary bypass was the chosen surgical method.
Splanchnic organ injury dur-ing coronary surgery with or without cardiopulmonary bypass: a randomized, controlled trial.
This study was a double-blind, randomized controlled trial designed to assess if the administration of sodium bicarbonate as a continuous infusion commenced prior to cardiopulmonary bypass would result in less postoperative acute renal dysfunction in patients undergoing cardiac surgery.
Cameron, "Initiation of white cell activation during cardiopulmonary bypass: cytokines and receptors," Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, vol.
(3) During cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB), the possibility of liver damage increases owing to the-non pulsatile perfusion, low-flow state, free radicals formation, and increased levels of catecholamines.
TAVI is performed on a beating heart and does not require cardiopulmonary bypass.
Dhs2.3 million on sophisticated machines, including a cardiac imaging ultrasound machine, a cardiopulmonary bypass machine and a ventilator.
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