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of or pertaining to or affecting both the heart and the lungs and their functions

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Dialysis patients' attitudes about cardiopulmonary resuscitation and stopping dialysis.
Avoidance of cardiopulmonary bypass in this population is attractive because these patients are so susceptible to potential complications of cardiopulmonary bypass.
5] was associated with a 4%, 6%, and 8% increased risk of death from all causes, cardiopulmonary disease, and lung cancer, respectively.
Most patients are seen at the onset of the cardiopulmonary phase, and information about clinical and laboratory findings, viremia, and immune responses is most complete for this and subsequent phases (7,8).
Although Quinlan's entire body received insufficient oxygen during her cardiopulmonary arrest, Kinney speculates that a swelling in the brain might have completely cut off blood flow to the thalamus and other key regions.
Sorin will continue to develop innovative new products and make selective, strategic acquisitions to enhance its worldwide leadership position in the cardiopulmonary business.
We are pleased to enhance our cardiac surgery product offerings with TandemLifes complete portfolio of advanced cardiopulmonary support products, said Damien McDonald, LivaNovas Chief Executive Officer.
15 February 2018 - London-based medical technology company LivaNova PLC (NASDAQ: LIVN) has agreed to acquire Pennsylvania, US-based cardiopulmonary temporary support solutions provider TandemLife to enhance cardiac surgery product offerings, the company said.
I am very proud of our Cardiopulmonary Rehab staff in accomplishing this goal," said CEO Dan Eaves.
KEYWORDS: Cardiopulmonary bypass, Coronary artery bypass grafting, Pulmonary complications, Valvular heart surgery.
Objective: To compare the effect of high and normal lactate levels during cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) on post-operative outcome.
1 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) can double or triple the likelihood of survival after cardiac arrest.
The online course Cornell offers on pet CPR explained on these pages was developed from more than 100 board-certified veterinary specialists' reviewing more than 1,000 scientific papers related to cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
Cardiopulmonary stress testing systems are non-invasive equipment that help evaluate the exercise capacity of an individual's cardiovascular, pulmonary, hematopoietic, neuropsychological, and musculoskeletal systems.