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Old age Stroke Neonatal period Peripheral arteriopathy Pregnancy Aneurism Hospitalization Congestive cardiac failure Disability Hemolysis (falciform anemia) Infection Hemorrhage Tumor Acute respiratory distress syndrome Recent surgery Liver or renal disease Trauma, burns Inflammatory bowel disease DIC Thrombolytic therapy VTE Aortic dissection Ischemic cardiopathy Table 2.
Exclusion criteria: Presence of an atrial fibrillation (AF) and/or a right bundle-branch block, and/or a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and/or a congenital cardiopathy.
Overweight and sudden death: Increased ventricular ectopy in cardiopathy of obesity.
Conditions in which valerian can be used include colic, epilepsy, fainting, headaches, hysteria, insomnia, lack of concentration, menopause, mental strain, muscle cramps, neuralgia, nervous cardiopathy, nervousness, nervous stomach, neurasthenia, premenstrual tension, restlessness, sleeping disorders, stress, uterine spasticity, and tonicity.
The findings on the emotional development of children and adolescents with cardiopathy are diverse (Glaser, Harrison, & Lynn, 1964; Linde, Rasof, & Dunn, 1967; Kramer et al.
Its complications such as neuropathy, cardiopathy, nephropathy, and micro and macro vascular diseases are believed to be due to the increase in oxidative stress and decrease in the level of antioxidants.
According to the statistical office of the European Union, the average total number of deaths caused by ischemic cardiopathy in 27 selected European countries was over 693,000 from 2007 - 2009.
section]) Other disorders: cardiopathy (5 cases), Down syndrome (3 cases; 1 with cardiopathy), hypothyroidism (3 cases), pregnancy (1 case), and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (1 case) ([paragraph]) Data available for 98 patients.
Recently, it has been shown that RCG with high-resolution HRV analysis is the sole method for diagnosis of the autonomic cardiac neuropathy (AN) in the setting of diabetes, ischemic cardiopathy, chronic nephropathy, because AN is secondary and polyetiological syndrome.