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Bearing in mind that the strong impact of cardiopathies on the partner may reduce partner effectiveness as a source of support in addition to suggestions in the literature regarding the need to create separate groups of patients and partners, we hypothesize that those patients attending groups with their partner will show greater levels of anxiety and depression than those attending alone.
The majority of patients were previously healthy (57.1%) whereas 9/21 (42.9%) had previous diseases (acquired immunodeficiency, genetic syndromes, cardiopathies).
(1) Other cardiopathies include pulmonary artery stenosis, aortic hypoplasia, coarctation of the aorta, mitral valve prolapse, and septal defects.
Electron microscopic observations regarding the presence of natriuretic granules in the ventricle of patients with cardiopathies. Rom J Morphol Embryol 1997;43: 119-37.
Chetibi en marge d'une journee de sensibilisation sur l'angine de poitrine et les cardiopathies en general, organisee au Centre commercial de Bab Ezzouara.
Parmi ces maladies, il y a lieu de citer les cardiopathies coronariennes (infarctus), les maladies cerebrovasculaires (accidents vasculaires cerebraux), l'hypertension, les arteriopathies peripheriques, les cardiopathies rhumatismale, les malformations cardiaques congenitales et l'insuffisance cardiaque.
Among other factors are the cardiopathies, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemias, high salt diet, smoking and arteriosclerosis (PIRES et al., 2004).
Numerous studies have analyzed the gene expression at level of messenger RNA (mRNA) extracted from maternal plasma in fetal pathologies such as trisomy (10,11), congenital cardiopathies (12) and maternal complications such as: pree clampsia (13,14), RCIU6 and previous percreta placenta (15), stating that the use of genetic markers at the level of mRNA of fetal-placental origin circulating in maternal plasma opens up new possibilities for strategies in early detection of fetal pathological conditions, noninvasive prenatal diagnosis, determination of risk for developing complications of pregnancy and pathology severity.
Summing up, the present study makes relevant contributions for clinical practice, derived from the fact that is uses a sample of men with recently diagnosed cardiopathies (myocardial infarction or angina pectoris), it combines more stable factors such as life satisfaction with more specific ones such as strategies of adjustment to illness, and it indicates the role played by the more or less adaptive coping in these first moments after the diagnosis, or the emotional distress that can be experienced after such an event.
Prophylaxis for RSV with palivizumabe is show to be efficient in decreasing the need for hospital stay, as well as the need for oxygen in risk populations, characterized by prematurity, bronchodysplasia patients, congenital cardiopathies for pulmonary hyperflow and immunodeficiencies [28].
Les cardiopathies congenitales representent 10% des malformations neonatales, mais plus de 50% des cas de mortalite en raison notamment de l'absence de suivi prenatal, du manque d'expertise des equipes medicales et paramedicales et de moyens.
Le slogan de l'edition 2018 [beaucoup moins que]My heart, your heart[beaucoup plus grand que] met l'accent sur la sensibilisation et l'information aux maladies cardiovasculaires, notamment les cardiopathies et les AVC.
Le vaccin antigrippal constitue le meilleur moyen de proteger les adultes et les enfants presentant une pathologie chronique, les cardiopathies, les affections pulmonaires chroniques, les affections metaboliques (diabete, obesite...), renales, les malades presentant le syndrome d'immunodeficience acquise, les femmes enceintes, les professionnels de la sante et les pelerins, des complications de la grippe saisonniere.
Le traitement des maladies liees au tabac, comme le cancer et les cardiopathies, est couteux.