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a specialist in cardiology

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Our IV analysis showed that the slightly lower one-year mortality rate apparent in the LS models after accounting fully for observable patient differences and for treatment at high-volume centers may still overstate the effect of cardiologist care.
Timothy Guiney, cardiologist and medical director of the International Patient Center at MGH.
In "New Ways to Grow Your Practice as a Cardiologist", ExecSense examines new ways that other cardiologists are having tremendous success in getting new patients.
But radiation is cumbersome to use and expensive," says cardiologist David R.
Ayanian et al surveyed cardiologists and generalists regarding treating acute myocardial infarction.
In Public Speaking & Presentation Skills for Cardiologists, the webinar examines specific tips and tricks used by leading speakers and cardiologists that are guaranteed to enhance your impact the next time you give a presentation or speech, lead a discussion with colleagues, or even want to steer a conversation or interaction in a specific way.
Pellikka, a cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, Minn.
Part of the solution to the cardiologist shortage will involve increasing the number of trainees, he said.
com/research/1aff8c/what_cardiologists) has announced the addition of the "What Cardiologists Need to Know About Social Networking Sites- Understanding How Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn Can be Used as Valuable Tools for Networking and Landing New Patients" audioconference to their offering.
In the majority of people, PDE-5 inhibitors probably protect the heart, says cardiologist David A.
CHICAGO -- Patients treated by an attending cardiologist during hospitalization for congestive heart failure have lower 30-day and 1-year all-cause mortality than those treated by internists or family physicians, according to a large new controversial study conducted as part of a Medicare heart care quality improvement project.
In addition, the Concierge Choice Cardiology program is specifically designed not to compete with primary care physicians but rather to address the needs of patients who already look to their cardiologist as their primary physician.
But they are being reimbursed less for those services by Medicare and insurance firms, in what one cardiologist calls "a revenue roller coaster of uncertainty.
What's more, at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital in England, cardiologist Peter Wilmshurst had found that scuba divers with PFOs were unusually susceptible to decompression sickness, a disorder that can occur when bubbles of nitrogen form in the blood and don't get expelled by the lungs.
Find out whether it's your radiologist, cardiologist, or vascular surgeon who is the best-trained individual to do these procedures," advised Dr.