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the branch of medicine dealing with the heart and its diseases

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Sarat Chandra, President, Cardiological Society of India, "Indians have all the reasons to be alarmed over matters of the heart.
The carbonmonoxide levels, source of intoxication, neurological and cardiological findings and treatment methods were recorded.
The large-hole access and closure technologies of VasoStitch and the aortic embolic protection technologies of Emboline form the initial core of a family of accessory devices offered by Cardiological Solutions to address the clinical needs of emerging interventional cardiology procedures.
Equipmed was established in Australia in 1984, and has grown into a significant, independent distributor of innovative cosmetic, dermatological, disinfection and cardiological equipment.
"The patient's status, from the cardiological point of view is good and he's slowly regaining health but it's not strong enough to let him leave today," spokesman Andrzej Rusek told local agency PAP.
A statement read: 'The player will undergo a small surgical cardiological intervention in the coming days and the recovery time will be better defined after the surgery, but it will probably be a few months.''
Against this background, The Times of India and Cardiological Society of India are organizing "India Heart Conclave"; to engage relevant stakeholders from the healthcare fraternity in a discussion on necessary actions for managing Cardiological disorders.
He informed that the 10-member Saudi Health Ministry delegation which is currently on a visit to Pakistan would also select more paramedical staff in cardiological surgery.
The Elysee Palace said Mr Sarkozy's test results were normal but that doctors would keep him under cardiological observation.
Cardiological monitoring, as is normal in these circumstances, will continue until tomorrow morning."
Polish electrical engineers Tadeusiewicz and Augustyniak (AGH-University of Science and Technology, Krakow) describe an approach for using information technology for permanent and ubiquitous cardiological monitoring, so that every person with a bad heart can be under permanent qualified observation anywhere in the world.
Despite this, Dr Laird allegedly failed to refer Mr L for further cardiological opinion or for further cardiac investigations.
But new treatment options and pharmaceutical preparations present new problems in the management of adverse effects: dermatological or cardiological toxicities, neuropathies, depressions and fatigue syndromes.
The centre will also see improvements in a range of specialist cardiological and surgical procedures and will see its role in the national heart and lung transplantation enhanced.