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an epicycloid in which the rolling circle equals the fixed circle

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Chapter 2, Market Trend Analysis, Regional Market Trend, Market Trend by Product Type [,, Omnidirectional, Cardioid, Omni & Supercardioid], Market Trend by Application [Television, Theatre, Public Speaking & Others];
The presence of the Mandelbrot set, containing the main cardioid is an exception rather than the rule.
Representing a breakthrough in innovation and design, the K Cardioid Subwoofer uniquely provides all the benefits of a cardioid subwoofer array but in a single, compact enclosure.
Using cardioid condensers alongside Logic, he recorded and mixed the tracks himself in order to produce the sounds as he imagined them.
In addition, Kraftwerk's team installed a number of Molton curtains and expanded the PA system with special cardioid bass-arrays for an even better sonic experience.
The most exciting behavior of the half-half sphere during water entry is not only the asymmetric cavity but also the "cardioid" splash as shown in Figure 12.
Helping with all your heart: the effect of cardioid dishes on tipping behavior.
The J index was defined previously for quantification of Arabidopsis seed shape in comparison to a cardioid (Cervantes et al., 2010), and is used here to measure the adjustment of seed shape to the ellipse.
In order to record speech, a professional Fostex FR-2LE recorder was used, with a resolution of 24 bits and a 48 kHz sampling rate, using a cardioid AKG D3700S microphone.
At first glance (by looking at the picture), K seems to be a cardioid. This is not the case, though.
Quadrifilar helix antenna [2-4] has many advantages, such as cardioid shaped pattern with excellent CP coverage, good axial ratio, simple structure, light weight and low cost, which make it a very attractive candidate for global positioning system application.
The first aid was designed and programmed so that the first memory had an omnidirectional response pattern, and the second and third memories had a cardioid response pattern.