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diagnostic procedure consisting of recording the activity of the heart electronically with a cardiograph (and producing a cardiogram)

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--Father, I speak to these children about cardiography for hours.
Khambete, "Monitoring of stroke volume through impedance cardiography using an artificial neural network", in IEEE Twenty First National Conf.
Doornen, "Methodological guidelines for impedance cardiography," Psychophysiology, vol.
With currently available diagnostic tools, fetal ultrasound cardiography, and fetal magnetocardiography, most of CHB could be successfully diagnosed and comprehensively evaluated prenatally.
Stress echo cardiography is much more accurate, involves no radiation and is still relatively cheap.
The AirPods could also include hardware that could detect your body temperature, along with galvanic skin response, electrocardiogram and impedance cardiography sensors.
Their lab tests include hormone testing, blood work, tissue mineral analysis and acoustic cardiography. After which, the treatment and support protocols are customized, based on the individual's unique needs.
The subjects' hemodynamics were determined using a noninvasive impedance cardiography device during both exercise sessions continuously.
Adaptation of heart to training: A comparative study using echocardiography & impedance cardiography in male & female athletes.
One month after transplantation, the patient's ultrasound cardiography examination revealed diffuse hypokinesis (ejection fraction: 35.4%).
By filtering and averaging the series of real signals, they estimated one average impedance cardiography (ICG) signal cycle and simply replicated this cycle over time to get the final signal model.
Among non-invasive methods the choice is restricted to re-breathing, Doppler echocardiography, pulsed contour analysis, and impedance cardiography, but none of them has unanimously been considered accurate and reproducible yet.
Based on cardiography, there are two types of myocardial infarction: ST elevated strokes and non-ST elevated strokes.
Veterinarians, many specializing in radiology or cardiography, present more than 800 figures including high-quality sonograms and schematics of normal structures and of common and uncommon disorders in dogs, cats, and other small animals.