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Synonyms for cardiograph

medical instrument that records electric currents associated with contractions of the heart

a medical instrument that measures the mechanical force of cardiac contractions and the amount of blood passing through the heart during a specified period by measuring the recoil of the body as blood is pumped from the ventricles

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Kay started out as a nurse but her illness as a child had left her weakened with heart disease and she retrained as a cardiographer, becoming a Senior Cardiographer at the Royal Liverpool Southern Hospital until her retirement in the 1970s.
The new clinic, if approved by health bosses, would include a consultant, doctor, nurses, technicians and a cardiographer, along with support staff.
CARDIOGRAPHER Marion, 22, of Bridge of Weir, likes acting, aerobics and horseriding.
The cardiographer at Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry used her training in cardiac physiology to tend to the baby as she was handed over by Davitt.
All the recordings were done by the same echo cardiographer using Agilent Sonos 5500.