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Synonyms for cardiograph

medical instrument that records electric currents associated with contractions of the heart

a medical instrument that measures the mechanical force of cardiac contractions and the amount of blood passing through the heart during a specified period by measuring the recoil of the body as blood is pumped from the ventricles

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One hour after treatment, the fetal cardiograph was recorded again (for 20 min).
He had MRI tests, saw the eye doctors, ultra sound tests, X-rays, electro cardiograph tests and lumbar puncture.
Dr Davies said: "This includes echo cardiograph examination which is a much needed diagnostic test particularly in patients who are being assessed for general and orthopaedic surgery.
A cardiograph (ECG) can be helpful but you will probably have to be referred to have a gadget to wear for a few days.
SonoSite, which specialises in portable ultrasound systems and cardiograph devices, has picked JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE:JPM) as its adviser and has invited second-round offers from prospective buyers, the sources said.
A single-frequency example Foucault cardiograph, incorporating the sensor, operates at the resonance frequency of this oscillatory circuit.
Among the items missing are blood pressure instruments, electro cardiograph (ECG) monitors, syringes, needles, bandages and an unspecified amount of medicines.
The mission provided medical equipment allowing for proper examination and diagnosis such as a cardiograph, a monitor and stethoscopes, machinery that could equip a dentist's surgery, machinery for a full microbiological laboratory, medical aid, as well as medical treatment for orphans.
Royal Philips Electronics (AEX: PHI, NYSE: PHG) is to unveil its latest advance in heart disease detection, the PageWriter TC50 cardiograph, which uses gender-differentiated criteria to assist in the diagnosis of heart disease in women, where symptoms may be different from men1.
A transthoracic echo- cardiograph demonstrated an ejection fraction of 35% with normal function of the mitral valve prosthesis.
The poem links Gamow's world-lines and Einstein's world-threads with the cardiograph lines monitoring his father's heart: "I could imagine other shapes for the universe: / cylinders, barbells or the forms like the balloons knotted / into animals at the fair, but the terror was to imagine / any of them, finite or infinite, without my father in it." How to tie a reader's stomach in knots: use the subjunctive mood to link the cosmic and childish, the scientific and subjective.
During the 10 s immediately after exercise cessation (during end-expiratory apnea), we noninvasively assessed central hemodynamic responses, i.e., stroke volume (SV), and cardiac output (CO) by impedance cardiography [21] using a Minnesota impedance cardiograph (Model 304B, Surcom Inc; Minneapolis, Minnesota).
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-3 March 2008-CEC Telecom introduces C7000A cardiograph mobile handset(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD
Now recovering at home, Alf said: "I remember going to hospital and waiting for a cardiograph.
(6.) HP M1700A Interpretive cardiograph physician's guide.