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a graphical recording of the cardiac cycle produced by an electrocardiograph

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Users can also purchase up to USD500,000 in additional coverage through the Cardiogram app.
Heart rates can offer insight into diabetes because "your pancreas is linked to your heart through both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system," said Cardiogram cofounder Brandon Ballinger in an interview.
"The heart rate sensor that you wear already from the Apple Watch may actually be able to detect signs of diabetes," Cardiogram co-founder Brandon Ballinger told Macworld.
We accomplish this via the Multifunction CardioGram (MCG) - the most accurate cardiovascular disease detection technology available as a non-invasive, mobile aid to diagnosis.
The ED physician ordered a complete blood count (CBC), comprehensive metabolic profile (CMP), cardiogram, and chest x-ray.
The ISF Directorate do therewith confirm Hassan Ya'qoub's undergoing comprehensive blood, cardiogram, ecography and MRI tests all of which qualified his transfer to a securitized facility or detention center.
Similarly, Electro Cardiogram (ECG) and Electro Encephalogram (EEG) techniques are playing tremendous role in medical science.
At a May 2014 visit to Mayo, a repeat ECHO cardiogram revealed a lack of ischemia in the right coronary artery distribution and improved ventricular wall motion.
The complex is able to provide assistance up to 150 people a day, including ultrasound scanning, cardiogram and lab tests, consultations of health professionals.
Manama: May 12 -- (BNA): Fifty-four physicians from various medical specialties participated in the workshop themed "Cardiogram Reading Techniques" recently organized by the Internal Medicine Department in the Arabian Gulf University (AGU)'s College of Medicine and Medical Sciences auditorium at the University's building in Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC).
Astonishing because I believed that when the surgeon saw the results of the CT scan, cardiogram, X-rays, tissue examinations and countless blood tests he'd tell me I had the internal organs of a Russian laboratory rat on a vodka drip, and instead of donating a kidney I'd need to receive one.
Najeeb said new programmes at the medical camp included physiotherapy services, echo cardiogram for people suspected to have cardiac disease, and the distribution of free health cards for those who could not afford to continue their medications.
For example, his modified iPhone, approved by the FDA in December and available for $199, can produce a cardiogram or portable ultrasound for a patient.
But after he was pronounced brain dead, a cardiogram showed the heart was still alive and beating.