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the office of cardinal

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Al-Rahi was elected Maronite patriarch of Antioch in 2011 on the resignation of his predecessor, Cardinal Sfeir, and given a cardinalship by Pope Benedict XVI on his visit to Lebanon in 2012.
"The hugely successful visit of Pope Benedict in 2010 was a highlight of his cardinalship and symbolised the key role of the Catholic Church in Scottish society.
The rise of Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle, widely respected as a voice of moderation, to cardinalship in November 2012 not only made the nation proud.
The data show that of twenty-three missions, ten could be considered as more focused on the spiritual role of the Pope, since they had a direct impact on French religion: these concerned Gallicanism, the request for a cardinalship for a specific clergyman (and concerns about the possible appointment of an undesirable candidate for a cardinalship), the election of a Pope, discussions of bulls, and Jansenism.
His coat of arms, stamped on the leather binding, has led some scholars to date it to the period of his cardinalship, 1621-42.