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the office of cardinal

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He retains his cardinalship for life, but his infirmity almost certainly renders him "inactive" and so ineligible as an elector, it presumably also puts him out of the running for pope.
The hugely successful visit of Pope Benedict in 2010 was a highlight of his cardinalship and symbolised the key role of the Catholic Church in Scottish society.
The data show that of twenty-three missions, ten could be considered as more focused on the spiritual role of the Pope, since they had a direct impact on French religion: these concerned Gallicanism, the request for a cardinalship for a specific clergyman (and concerns about the possible appointment of an undesirable candidate for a cardinalship), the election of a Pope, discussions of bulls, and Jansenism.
If that is not party political, your Cardinalship, I don't know what is.
The cardinalship is a title conferred by the pope, and it is something that the pope can take away It is something he should take away if he has any sense of how his inaction is diminishing his moral authority.