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Synonyms for cardinal

Synonyms for cardinal

Synonyms for cardinal

(Roman Catholic Church) one of a group of more than 100 prominent bishops in the Sacred College who advise the Pope and elect new Popes

the number of elements in a mathematical set

a variable color averaging a vivid red


Related Words

crested thick-billed North American finch having bright red plumage in the male

serving as an essential component

being or denoting a numerical quantity but not order


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But to hope that these changes can cardinally ameliorate something in real political and legal relations is to fall into legal idealism.
To that end, the second part of the regression theorem only explains the genesis of a new money where none existed before It explicates how a barter economy--where all economic calculation is conducted ordinally--becomes a monetary economy in which calculation is performed cardinally It should not be interpreted to mean that once a calculational framework in terms of money prices is established, that all future media of exchange (or monies) within that economy must arise from having a prior non-monetary use.
Since the time when Lithuania regained its independence the policy of foreign languages teaching/ learning in secondary school has changed cardinally and so has the secondary school language teaching programme.
Furthermore, we assume that reported happiness scores are cardinally comparable across individuals, which implies that the relation f is linear.
As long as quality differences can be compared cardinally across papers, allowing the creation of a common denominator, the results of this model will be fully general.
The idea of founding an oil shale industry in Estonia looked promising; however, the military and political situation in Russia had cardinally changed by the beginning of 1917 (February Revolution, the Emperor had vacated the throne, the provisional government had seized power).
In his words, this is a type of operation which changes cardinally an infrastructure and logistic system of world drug production and global drug trafficking according to its target result and scale.
Wearable devices for the observation of vital signs are already cardinally changing situation in the fields of home healthcare and sport's medicine [1].
should cardinally change the system of partner relations and make the Russians understand that countries with small populations are not
The pivoting between the many and the millions points precisely to this shadowy territory of multitudes massed into a set, not cardinally numbered and arithmetically counted.
For Kendal B is far away from A as it has 7 ranks before and A only 4, whereas it is not true cardinally.
Worth noting that the remarkable achievements and frontiers reached owing to the tremendous endeavors during the independent development years that have cardinally transformed the consciousness, outlook and life of the nation, have proved by no means effortless for us to accomplish.
On the basis of this the methods of complex treatment for patients with psoriasis including methods of anti-cytokine therapy using biological agents, blockers of some cytokines allowing the tactics of treatment to be changed cardinally, particularly for the dramatically severe forms of dermatosis (Terletskiy, 2007; Smith and Baker, 2006).
7 by mounting it on an iron shaft of 3 fg diameter and surrounding it with a "large" cardinally aligned copper square with gradations up to 60P (and parallel smaller gradations) from each side's center point to its corners.
They think they understand Russia, but they don't realize how the country has changed cardinally in just two, three or four years.