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(mathematics) the number of elements in a set or group (considered as a property of that grouping)

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Let us denote by e the number of vertices exposed(22) with respect to a maximum matching M of cardinality m.
Now let Q be a particle of the same syntactic type as the familiar standard quantifiers [exists] and [for all], interpreted as follows: in any domain whose cardinality belongs to C, Q is interpreted as [exists]; while in any other domain Q is interpreted as [for all].
It also gives the cardinality of a basis set of paths through an entire program in the vector space of edge incidence over all edges in all modules of the program.
When a student acquires the meaning of counting and makes the connection between the set of objects they counted and the quantity of objects, they are said to possess cardinality (Sarnecka & Wright, 2013).
Due to a few factors, such as inaccurate cardinality estimates, the plan quality might be quite poor.
By doing this, we assert that if two curves do not have the same cardinality, then one is not an affine transformation of the other and vice versa.
In this article we prove that the problem of computing the minimum cardinality of an open 0-monopoly in a graph is NP-complete even restricted to bipartite or chordal graphs.
The entire join space is partitioned into multiple subspaces and the join cardinality for each subspace is computed
For a set E, the cardinality of E is designated by #E.
The size of a hypergraph depends on the cardinality of its hyperedges.
When children learn to count, they start with 'one' and proceed in order of increasing cardinality ("one, two, three.
In this note, we give the optimal condition on the cardinality of S [intersection] (n
d) a difference in the cardinality of relationships set: equivalent relationships set from different sources have a different cardinality;
k]B if D(A) [subset] D(B) and there exists subset E of D(A) of cardinality k called the error set such that
First, cardinality comparison, the 1D active weight TCK codes get the code length equal to code size to produce the better cardinality.