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(mathematics) the number of elements in a set or group (considered as a property of that grouping)

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The cardinality of a single valued neutrosophic rough set of [??] with respect to (U,[??]) is denoted as [[??].bar] [c] and [bar.[??]] [c], where [[??].bar] [c] = [[[??].bar](c'), [[??].bar](c")] is known as single valued neutrosophic lower approximation cardinality and, [bar.[??]][c] = [[bar.[??]](c'), [bar.[??](c")] is known as single valued neutrosophic upper approximation cardinality.
[S.sub.a] is the set of items rated by user [u.sub.a] with a cardinality [K.sub.a] whereas [U.sub.a] is the set of users who have common ratings with user [u.sub.a] with a cardinality [M.sub.a].
Obtaining a constant approximation factor for CkM problem without violating capacity constraint and cardinality constraint is challenging as natural LP of the problem is known to have an unbounded integrality gap.
He referred to the cardinality of a minimum resolving set in a connected graph as its locating number.
In addition, its cardinality is bound by its length and weight [9].
Due to a few factors, such as inaccurate cardinality estimates, the plan quality might be quite poor.
For high dimensional ER, the proposed model based on feature selection which is used to train binary classifiers can be described as follows: Suppose there are ensemble classifiers which contain L (L is odd number) binary classifiers, [P.sub.l] denotes the classification accuracy rate of lth classifier, [q.sub.l] represents cardinality of lth classifier's input feature subset, and the input features of lth classifier are selected according to following optimization objectives:
Throughout this paper, we also assume that every topological space is of cardinality at least 2.
d) a difference in the cardinality of relationships set: equivalent relationships set from different sources have a different cardinality;
Notice now that when applying an affine transformation to any curve (ordered set of points) the amount of points on the curve (cardinality) will always be conserved.
In this article we prove that the problem of computing the minimum cardinality of an open 0-monopoly in a graph is NP-complete even restricted to bipartite or chordal graphs.
The entire join space is partitioned into multiple subspaces and the join cardinality for each subspace is computed
For a set E, the cardinality of E is designated by #E.
When children learn to count, they start with 'one' and proceed in order of increasing cardinality ("one, two, three...").