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(mathematics) the number of elements in a set or group (considered as a property of that grouping)

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To process a query based on the user input which is one or more attributes, the access schema is formed with the necessary collections to process the query and a dynamic indexing is performed based on the access schema and relationship cardinality which can provide a better performance.
While primates and avians appear to demonstrate some understanding of cardinality and ordinality, studies have also been conducted on numerical competence in rodents.
1) Cardinality Test: The correlation coefficient which has used to examine the consistency of cardinal measure.
In order to keep the interpolation operator as sparse as possible, we require that the least-squares functional is reduced by a certain factor when increasing the cardinality of W.
In particular, we consider the dimension hierarchies as directed labeled graphs, where the label of each graph is the cardinality ratio among different dimension hierarchies (Figures 4 & 5).
1] + d - 1] of cardinality d into smaller intervals, according to the rules:
k] refers to the cardinality of each focal element and r is the total number of focal elements.
An evaluation can be made using sensitivity analysis on the results to contrast the desirability of increasing or decreasing the cardinality of the tracking portfolio (Tabata, Takeda 1995).
All PMSAT algorithms based on UNSAT identification are dependent on two essential external components: (1) a cardinality constraint encoder for encoding AtMost-1 constraints into conjunctive normal form (CNF); and (2) a SAT solver.
They discuss the definitions of number sense and its description in the Common Core State Standards, then describe teaching quantity and cardinality, numeral and number recognition, strategic counting, magnitude comparisons, fact fluency, multiplication and division, algebraic concepts, math language and problem solving, and vocabulary within the context of the Common Core State Standards, as well as mastery learning and planning, assessment and progress monitoring of number sense, and how to combine literacy in math and integrate math across course content.
d]), where card means the cardinality of (tP[Intersection][Z.
where: M(A) is the cardinality of the fuzzy set A, and [intersection] and [union] are the intersection and union operators, respectively.
NNA - Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rahi met on Thursday afternoon at Bkirki with Spanish Ambassador to Lebanon Mila Graus Hernano, who congratulated the Patriarch on his cardinality.
The book Frege's Theorem focuses, obviously, on Frege's Theorem: that second-order logic supplemented with a cardinality principle also called "Hume's Principle" (HP) allows to derive the axioms of Peano Arithmetic.