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one of the seven preeminent virtues

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In the chapter on justice, Keenan proposes a new approach to the cardinal virtues: "As relational beings in general, we are called to justice; as relational beings specifically, we are called to fidelity; and as relational beings uniquely, we are called to self-care." The fourth cardinal virtue is prudence, "which determines what constitutes the just, faithful, and self-caring way of life" (123).
What happens to the cardinal virtue of temperance and its distinctive attributes, norms, and subsidiary virtues?
* Fairness In the context of management, the last cardinal virtue, Fairness, may be thought of as the habit of giving to others what they are due.
That there are two equal selves in any loving relationship introduces the cardinal virtue of justice, "the virtue according to which, with constant and perpetual will, someone renders to someone else her or his due rights." (51) In right love, therefore, there is always an integration of love and justice.
Thomas Aquinas says we have to develop the cardinal virtue of fortitude to help us to overcome the fear of difficult things.
When these and other basic principles are breached in the church, there is a direct violation of the cardinal virtue of justice, and the credibility of the church as the body of Christ is effectively diminished.
However, Aquinas claims in the reply that "acts produced by an infused habit do not cause a habit, but strengthen the already existing habit." (23) Some contemporary moralists, likely assuming that the "already existing habit" is the acquired cardinal virtue, use this passage as evidence that, for Aquinas, one can simultaneously possess acquired cardinal virtues and infused cardinal virtues.
Patience may be democracy's cardinal virtue. Climate change is a serious issue.
It's another cardinal virtue is the redressal of transgender people's grievances, which makes it more inclusive.
In theological terms, patience, as described in the poem, is an expression of either the cardinal virtue of temperance or the theological virtue of hope, and even if the latter be more appropriate in Jonah's case, hope has enough to do with temperance that it might be said to encompass temperance.
By setting the right personal examples to their children, parents can help their children develop the very important cardinal virtue of temperance.
The cardinal virtue of socialism is that it is grounded firmly and immovably in mutual love among men in this connection, it is necessary to emphasise that from the examples of socialist countries, it is obvious that the only known vices of socialism are purely external and procedural, not intrinsic.
"I have tried to be scrupulously fair, not only because I do not wish the taint of unfairness to mar the most notable scholarly enterprise in which I have engaged to date, but because I regard fairness as a cardinal virtue. I do not imagine, of course, that my judgment is flawless, but the account and the assessments I have rendered have been given with great care."
As well as providing a synoptic account of Aquinas on virtue, "Aquinas On Virtue" includes an extended treatment of the cardinal virtue of temperance, an argument for the superiority of Aquinas's concept of 'habit' over modern psychological accounts, and a rethinking of the relation between grace and virtue.