cardinal vein

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any of the major venous channels in primitive adult vertebrates and in embryos of higher vertebrates

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(PCV: posterior cardinal vein, DA: dorsal aorta, and DLAV: dorsal longitudinal anastomotic vessel).
Its incidence is 0.3-0.5% in general population and 3-10% in patients having congenital heart disease.3 The failure of regression of left cardinal vein during embryological development4 is the main etiology behind the defect.
First the posterior cardinal vein appears, but regresses completely except the distal part which forms the iliac bifurcation.
Cranially, the azygos lines join the persistent cranial ends of the postcardinal veins which form the root of the azygos on the right and together with the distal part of the anterior cardinal vein on the left, form the left superior intercostal vein (Mahato, 2009).
The lowest part of right posterior cardinal vein (Sacral segment).
The left superior intercostal vein and accessory hemiazygos vein are derived from left posterior cardinal vein and this vein simultaneously forms upper part of azygos vein.
The cephalic parts of anterior cardinal veins form the internal jugular veins and the caudal part of the right anterior cardinal vein develop into the normal right superior vena cava (RSVC).