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the number of elements in a mathematical set

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With what number of letters are the most cardinal number names spelt?
42/14 Lot 4 - Equipment to sewerage facilities (the cardinal number 16 in the Plan for procurement of goods and services for the year 2014)
Later, in his now famous speech given to the International Conference of Mathematicians at Paris in 1900, David Hilbert posed as his first problem (of 23) whether there are any nondenumerable sets whose cardinal numbers lie between [N.
chi]]](H') [greater than or equal to] l coloring of H', and the cardinal number of C-stable set is greater than l or equal to l, Because, each C-stable set which the cardinal number of set is greater than l or equal to l contain at least one C-hyperedge of the mixed hypergraph [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
The smallest infinite ordinal number is [omega], which is the cardinal number of the set of natural numbers N.
The market slowed down in 2008 and the cardinal number of the industry was relatively low; The demand of downstream industries such as building materials, home appliances and electronic communication was on the increase; Chinese government adopted a series of significant measures like domestic demand expansion, economic development promotion, industrial revitalization planning, etc.
With the increase of market cardinal number, growth rates gradually decreased as the growth rates of many complete machines became saturated.
What happens if cardinal number names are used in the denominator instead of ordinals?
There is much in this densely written but moderately sized volume: Frege's definition of a cardinal number and his claim that substantival uses of numerical expressions have primacy over adjectival ones; his adoption (in what is "arguably the most philosophically pregnant paragraph ever written" [p.
With the implementation of macro-control policies and the growing cardinal number of machine tool, the investment peak into automobiles, motors, heavy electronic industry indicates a decline and so does the machine tool industry.
In addition, the cardinal number of EV in China is relatively small, so the absolute amount is not large despite output spurt.
And the first cheer of the day went up for new cardinal number 14: ``Keith Michael Patrick O'Brien, Arcivescovo di St Andrews and Edinburgh, Scozia.
The typical entry represents the derivationally most opaque member of a Latin word family: a present stem, a noun or adjective, an adverb, or a cardinal number.
China's beer output will keep growing at a rate of around 5% during the 11th Five-year period despite the large cardinal number.