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Synonyms for ligament

that which unites or binds

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a sheet or band of tough fibrous tissue connecting bones or cartilages or supporting muscles or organs

any connection or unifying bond

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- Posteriorly: Endopelvic fascial sheath that covers the internal iliac artery and vein, cardinal ligament which separates it from the anterior part of pararectal space and uterine artery,
De Vita, "Biaxial mechanical properties of swine uterosacral and cardinal ligaments," Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology, vol.
Begin suturing with a right vaginal angle stitch, placed so that the small vessels are ligated and the lateral supporting tissues from the base of the cardinal ligament are attached to the right vaginal angle.
The ureterolysis is directed toward the uterosacral ligaments and continued until the ureter enters the cardinal ligament (see photo above).
Around the cervix and upper vagina, the cardinal ligament and uterosacral ligament become one entity.
* If the uterus is high, apply vigorous massage to the left uterosacral cardinal ligament complex.
The McCall culdoplasty procedure is performed to support the vaginal cuff at the time of a vaginal hysterectomy by attaching the uterosacral and cardinal ligaments to the peritoneal surface with suture material such that, when tied, it draws toward the midline, helping to close off the cul-de-sac.
In patients with vaginal vault prolapse, the cause of the hydronephrosis could be a weakening or disintegration of the cardinal ligaments after hysterectomy.
(6) The cardinal ligaments anchor the upper vagina and cervix to the pelvic sidewall (Level I support), while in the midvagina, the vesicopelvic ligament extends medially from the arcus tendineus fasciae pelvis (ATFP) to support the bladder base and anterior vaginal wall (Level II support).