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North American lobelia having brilliant red flowers

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I failed at growing cardinal flower for a time until I finally got the idea of creating a little bog for it.
Another wildflower that blooms in a similar habitat and at the same time as the cardinal flower is lobelia.
Toward the end of summer, when the soil has had a chance to dry out, taller plants may be found in the low, wet woods (such as Lobelia cardinalis, cardinal flower, and Vernonia fasciculata, ironweed).
RAY Peacock's 3-1 jt fav Rushmoor battles on gamely for Peter Scudamore to deny Cardinal Flower (H Davies) by a neck with Mercy Rimell's jt fav Migrator (R Linley) 10 lengths back in third in the Scottish Champion Hurdle.
Mossmorran, On Leave, Cardinal Flower, Our Louise, Hill's Guard and Stop It are multiple winners that spring to mind.
Cardinal Flower was also a useful dual purpose performer and during the 1982-83 jumping season won four races including the Rossington Main Novices' Hurdle at Doncaster.
Other good bets are bee balm or wild bergamot, cardinal flower, trumpet creeper, ocotillo, lupines, scarlet monkey flower and fire pink.
Experts recommend herbaceous perennials--like cardinal flower, Joe-Pye weed, and daylilies--as well as woody plants such as river birch, button bush, and sweet pepperbush.
In a nearby field where a backhoe gouged out a drainage ditch, a lovely cardinal flower grew and bloomed, a rare sight here since nearly all the wetlands have been drained--and with them the lush, game-filled cranberry bogs that greeted the pioneers.
This group includes a broad range of plants from ornamental grasses like gray sedge (Carex glauca) to plants with showy flowers such as water iris (Iris hybrids) and cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis).
Be prepared to see prairie dock, compass plant, iron weed, cardinal flower, great blue lobelia and a host of others.
It is known as the cardinal flower because of its rich, cardinal-red flowers and beetroot-coloured, almost black, foliage.
For example, a cardinal flower, which likes part sun and moist environments and typically grows along stream banks and wetlands, will not be successful if planted in a dry sunny location.
Tubular red flowers like cardinal flower, dropmore honeysuckle, jewelweed, scarlet runner bean, coral bells and foxglove are especially attractive to hummingbirds, and they can spy the color from a half mile away.
Include plants for sun such as marsh milkweed, tussock sedge, beebalm; for shade, cardinal flower, bleeding heart, maidenhair fern; and shrubs such as red twig dogwood, inkberry, high bush cranberry