cardinal flower

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North American lobelia having brilliant red flowers

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For pure aesthetics, their plantings include rattle trap, wild ginger, wild geranium, Solomon's seal, rose mallow, cardinal flower, New England aster, wild oats, purple cone flower, stiff switch grass, wild petunia, little blue stem, downy skullcap, wild columbine and many other all-American beauties.
Experts recommend herbaceous perennials--like cardinal flower, Joe-Pye weed, and daylilies--as well as woody plants such as river birch, button bush, and sweet pepperbush.
Emily reports herself deeply moved when Susan, her chief or cardinal friend, sends her a cardinal flower," Farr writes.
Toward the end of summer, when the soil has had a chance to dry out, taller plants may be found in the low, wet woods (such as Lobelia cardinalis, cardinal flower, and Vernonia fasciculata, ironweed).
RAY Peacock's 3-1 jt fav Rushmoor battles on gamely for Peter Scudamore to deny Cardinal Flower (H Davies) by a neck with Mercy Rimell's jt fav Migrator (R Linley) 10 lengths back in third in the Scottish Champion Hurdle.
Mossmorran, On Leave, Cardinal Flower, Our Louise, Hill's Guard and Stop It are multiple winners that spring to mind.
Visitors will not find roses, tulips, or zinnias, but they will discover more than 4,000 individual perennials, including native wildflowers like coneflower, cardinal flower, and bee balm, as well as native grasses.
It is known as the cardinal flower because of its rich, cardinal-red blooms and beetroot-coloured - almost black - foliage.