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the opening into the stomach and that part of the stomach connected to the esophagus

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(NASDAQ: LMAT), a provider of devices and implants for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease, has acquired the vascular product assets of France-based Cardial, a subsidiary of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) (NYSE: BDX), located in Saint-Etienne, France, the company said.
Cardial's product lines, including knitted and woven vascular grafts, valvulotomes and surgical glue, are now available through LeMaitre Vascular.
(1994): "La Draga (Banyoles): Un site lacustre du Neolitique Ancien Cardial. Catalogne", Bulletin de la Societe Prehistorique Frangaise, 91 (6), pp.
Caption: Figure 4: Histological image of Clostridium perfringens in the cardial muscle tissue (Gram's stain, x400).
Moreover, it is a significant breakthrough in GERD treatment that peroral endoscopic cardial constriction (PECC) was proposed as an alternative treatment for GERD by Professor Linghu et al .
Diacetylamethystoidin; a protects isolated working rat heart against cardial reperfusion injury.
To address this major gap in knowledge, we aimed to directly compare the safety and effectiveness of 2 novel hs-cTn-based 2-h strategies: first, the 2-h accelerated diagnostic protocol (2h-ADP) combining the Thrombolysis in Myo cardial Infarction (TIMI) risk score, the ECG, and hs-cTn blood concentrations below the 99th percentile at 0 h and 2 h and, second, the 2-h algorithm, which combines assay-specific hs-cTn cutoff concentrations at 0 h and 2 h with their absolute changes (9, 13-15).
A heart attack, also called a myocardial infarction ("myo" means muscle; "cardial" stands for heart), occurs when oxygen-rich blood is blocked from reaching the heart.
In the presented patient population, cerebrovascular events were the most prevalent manifestation of thrombosis in 37.0% of patients, followed by venous thromboembolism in 31.5% including 20.4% of deep vein thromboses, 11.1% of pulmonary embolism, and 14.8% with cardial ischemic events (Table 3).
The decision to proceed to an immediate needle pericardiocentesis was largely driven by the suspicion of a hematologic disease, autoimmune disease, or an underlying malignancy, which could explain both the massive cardial effusion and the intracerebral bleeding.
The term "cardia" has also been used to describe the proventriculus itself (King 1988), and may also be confused with the cardial / stomodeal / oesophageal valve between foregut and midgut.
He was eventually diagnosed with histoplasmosis, an inflammation of the cardial sac, which had brought on pericarditis, a life-threatening heart infection.
It was suggested that POC reduces the cardial reperfusion-induced injury, blunts oxidant mediated damages, and attenuates the local inflammatory response to reperfusion [9].