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Synonyms for syncope

a temporary loss of consciousness

Synonyms for syncope

a spontaneous loss of consciousness caused by insufficient blood to the brain

(phonology) the loss of sounds from within a word (as in 'fo'c'sle' for 'forecastle')

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About half the time, diagnosis is predicted correctly with vasovagal syncope, postural syncope, and cardiac syncope.
64 times more positive in patients with cardiac syncope compared to those without.
Syncope is classified into cardiac syncope, orthostatic hypotension (OH) and reflex (neurally mediated) mechanisms.
If you have a tilt table there, terrific, but I want to remind everybody of one thing about tilts: Do remember that people with very serious cardiac syncope that can lead to sudden death can also have a positive tilt.
1) Natural history studies show that once classic symptoms develop, average survival decreases to 5 years with the onset of angina, 3 years after cardiac syncope, and 2 years after heart failure.
The majority of the patients suffer from cardiac syncope.
To be sure, this is not the place to look for details of cardiac syncope, vertigo or the recent advances made in our understanding of the pathophysiology of basal ganglia disease but, to be fair, that is not the author's intention.
The risk of cardiac syncope increases with age and is becoming more common as the population ages.