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a chronic disease of unknown cause marked by the formation of nodules in the lungs and liver and lymph glands and salivary glands

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Clinically significant cardiac sarcoidosis is found in only 5 - 10% of subjects, and about 50% of these will have ECG abnormalities.
From a different perspective, of autopsies done on patients with sudden cardiac death, but without coronary arterial occlusion, granulomatous disease consistent with cardiac sarcoidosis was found in 10 of 184 hearts.
For instance, an argument against pure immune dysregulation or autoimmunity is that cardiac sarcoidosis is known to recur in recipients of heart transplants despite the allograft likely having different immunogenic antigens.
31,32) Recently, an interesting study was performed on a patient with isolated cardiac sarcoidosis.
There have been numerous clinical and pathologic studies published regarding cardiac sarcoidosis.
Most importantly for this subject, patients with proven cardiac sarcoidosis had significantly higher levels than noncardiac sarcoid patients or idiopathic DCM patients.
38) Grossly the granulomatous lesions of cardiac sarcoidosis can appear as yellow, white, tan, light brown, or grey irregular tumorlike infiltrates (36) (Figure 1).
Because of this triad of cardiac manifestations, cardiac sarcoidosis was diagnosed clinically.
Others also have reported neurosarcoid involvement in patients with cardiac sarcoidosis (3, 4).
Now it's my chance to give to back by supporting the organizations that helped me, and by working to improve the survival rates of those battling Cardiac Sarcoidosis.
Among 35 patients with cardiac sarcoidosis studied at necropsy by Roberts and associates (75), 12 (34%) had granulomas involving epicardium (Figure 20).