cardiac plexus

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a plexus of nerves supplying the heart and nearby structures

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Then, the right caudal cardiac nerve with its communicating branches merged to form the cardiac plexus on the ventral surface of trachea, dorsal to the base of the heart and dorsal to the origin of the cranial vena cava, then the right caudal cardiac nerve united with the caudal loop of ansa subclavian to form the common right cardiac nerve (Fig.
As noted in many published anatomical literatures, in general the cardiac nerve was derived from the caudal cervical ganglion and contributed in the formation of the cardiac plexus (Kalsey et al.; Ozgel et al.).
Sympathetic innervations (T5-T12) of the stomach is through the splanchnic nerves and the cardiac plexus. The parasympathetic supply is derived from the anterior and posterior vagus nerves.