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M2 PHARMA-July 28, 2014-Konica Minolta picks Akers to conduct feasibility trial for rapid test for cardiac muscle tissue damage
Encasing cells in a gel does prevent cells from becoming part of the cardiac muscle tissue and replacing cells that have died--but mesenchymal stem cells aren't really expected to do that anyway.
(The term "cardiopoiesis" refers to the production of cardiac muscle tissue.) The trial included patients from Belgium, Switzerland, and Serbia.
The myocardium is the main component consisting of cardiac muscle tissue, which is composed of cardiac myocytes, blood vessels, and connective tissue.
While the benefits of exercise on overall health are well established, exercise is also associated with the production of ROS, potentially causing oxidative damage to cardiac muscle tissue (Ji 1999).
The scientists also found that those cells transplanted into scarred tissue failed to differentiate, but those transplanted into viable cardiac muscle tissue did.