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Cardiac muscle tissue samples were thawed, homogenized in Trizol[R] reagent, and centrifuged at 4[degrees]C for 20 minutes at 12,000 rpm.
Alameda, CA; 510-748-7150) announced the issuance of United States Patent 5,858,351 to Avigen and Johns Hopkins University covering the in vivo administration of any gene into skeletal, smooth, or cardiac muscle tissue using adeno-associated virus vectors, regardless of the method used to make the vector, how the gene is regulated, or even what disease is being treated.
We discovered that soccer training significantly improved the flexibility of the heart and furthermore, that the cardiac muscle tissue was able to work 29 percent faster.
Both belong to the same person and the flesh is from the heart, composed of cardiac muscle tissue.
These results are in contrast to studies by others using adult bone marrow-derived hematopoietic or skeletal myoblast stem cells which do not produce new cardiac muscle tissue after injection into infarcted hearts.