cardiac murmur

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an abnormal sound of the heart

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It is frequently ordered as part of the preoperative workup for patients with no cardiomyopathy and those who present with cardiac murmurs.
An 11-year-old male patient who had no complaints and who was found to have a cardiac murmur on physical examination was referred to our Pediatric Cardiology Outpatient Clinic.
The errors in these cases were caused by CHAT failing to record or fully describe prednisolone usage; previously undetected cardiac murmur discovered in OPD; cognitive issues; significant cardiac disease X 2; family history of anaesthetic morbidity; patient anxiety.
The patient has wheezed with his episodes of cardiac failure, and the fact that a cardiac murmur was not appreciated until his admission to Earl K.
11] also reported that atypical symptoms of PMR and, in addition, fever with or without cardiac murmur must further be considered as signs and evidences of a suspicious IE case.
The heart-beat was regular without any audible cardiac murmur.
The reasons and results of cardiac investigations in 153 children admitted to our clinic Cause of cardiac evaluation n Cardiac murmur 133 Normal 107 Atrial septal defect 4 Mitral valve prolapse 4 Physiological mitral regurgitation 4 Mitral valve abnormality 2 Patent foramen ovale 2 Patent ductus arteriosus 2 Ventricular septal defect 2 Parachute mitral valve 1 Pulmonary stenosis 1 Atrial septal defect + mitral valve prolapse 1 Aortic stenosis 1 Aortic insufficiency 1 Mitral and aortic insufficiency 1 Syncope 3 Normal 2 Vasovagal syncope 1 Cardiac complaint 6 Normal 6 Chest deformity 5 Normal 4 Physiological mitral regurgitation 1 Hypertension 3 Normal 3 Split second heart sound 1 Normal 1 Extracardiac anomaly 1 Normal 1 Hypertension and weak femoral pulses 1 Aortic coarctation 1 Table 4.
The second exam reveals a somewhat loose lateral fold in the neck, but no cardiac murmur is heard.
Looking around," he is told of an ideal teaching subject for his neophytes: a loud cardiac murmur caused by a defective valve in a 43-year-old man awaiting corrective surgery.
The most common adverse reactions for PI (observed in 5% of subjects) were headache, fatigue, pyrexia, nausea, chills, rigors, pain in extremity, diarrhea, migraine, dizziness, vomiting, cough, urticaria, asthma, pharyngolarynegeal pain, rash, arhralgia, myalgia, oedema peripheral, pruritus, and cardiac murmur.
The patient is a female of 14-year-old with body weight 44 kg, who was referred to our hospital for cardiac murmur and history of exercise intolerance and recurrent respiratory tract infections.
Diagnosis is based on the clinical suspicion of finding a cardiac murmur, congestive cardiac failure, poor pulses and cyanosis.
Change in the cardiac murmur or signs of cardiac failure, such as crepitations at the lung bases or raised jugular venous pressure.