cardiac insufficiency

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inadequate blood flow to the heart muscles

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On September 28, Al-Nadim was diagnosed with an infection that created pulmonary pressure and cardiac insufficiency.
Washington, Apr 25 (ANI): Researchers from Center for Applied Medical Research (CIMA) of the University of Navarra have found a key enzyme in the development of cardiac insufficiency.
As 20 to 25% of the effective cardiac output is passed through the circuit, its use is contraindicated in patients with cardiac insufficiency.
will market the anti-hypertensive product Cardicor(R)(Bisoprolol), for the treatment of cardiac insufficiency, as well as Emcor(R)(Bisoprolol) for the treatment of hypertension and angina pectoris.
Doctors need a way to quickly distinguish whether a patient with respiratory distress is suffering from cardiac insufficiency or another etiology.
In societies that depend greatly upon meat products, the relationship between cardiac insufficiency and high cholesterol levels is inescapable.
The doctor had previously treated her for cardiac insufficiency and for multiple bulging cervical discs.
The latter examination assesses structural changes associated with the development of cardiac dysfunction, whereas natriuretic peptides respond to changes in left ventricular filling pressure and, probably, to subtle biochemical alterations occurring early in the development of cardiac insufficiency.
Several placebo controlled clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of extracts of flowers and leaves of hawthorn in the treatment of cardiac insufficiency of NYHA Class II and with higher doses even III (WHO Monograph, 1998; Zapfe, 2001).
Hawthorn has been studied in Europe, where one multicenter observational study of 1,011 patients with New York Heart Association stage II cardiac insufficiency were treated with a proprietary standardized formulation (extract WS 1442) for 24 weeks.
Patients with Pompe disease experience severe muscle weakness, difficulty breathing and cardiac insufficiency.