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localized necrosis resulting from obstruction of the blood supply

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The subjects included healthy people and patients with chemical dependencies, post-traumatic stress disorder, acute cardiac infarction and other diseases.
The main cause lies in irreversible loss of cardiac muscle cells due to disease, especially ischemic diseases like cardiac infarction. There is still no treatment to reverse this damage; research is ongoing to develop repair methods to normalize cardiac function.
It has been reported that,6 patients with AMI in combination with cardiac failure accounted for 20% to 68%, most of which were patients over 60 years of age, and patients who once developed hypertension, cardiac dilatation or recurrent cardiac infarction were at high risks of developing cardiac failure.
In view of cardiac imaging, for example, in studies of cardiac infarction and remodeling, the prolonged blood circulation time of micro-CT blood pool agents renders assessment of morphological and functional cardiac parameters possible.
Upregulation of NO levels can be a potential novel therapeutic target for inhibiting cardiac infarction and chronic congestive heart failure [5, 6].
et al 1967 "Natural history and clinical significance of arrhythmias after acute cardiac infarction" Brit Heart.
He showed symptoms of heart failure and received emergency treatment before being moved early Sunday to Samsung Medical Centre where his problem was diagnosed as "acute cardiac infarction", the hospital said in a statement.