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Synonyms for index

Synonyms for index

something visible or evident that gives grounds for believing in the existence or presence of something else

Synonyms for index

a numerical scale used to compare variables with one another or with some reference number

a number or ratio (a value on a scale of measurement) derived from a series of observed facts

a mathematical notation indicating the number of times a quantity is multiplied by itself

an alphabetical listing of names and topics along with page numbers where they are discussed

the finger next to the thumb

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list in an index

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provide with an index

adjust through indexation

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2] tension gradient and cardiac index during hyperoxia (Table 1), other factors affecting the haemoglobin dissociation curve have not been assessed in this study.
The results are interesting in that they suggest cardiac index and brain health are related," said Angela L.
Her cardiac index on Swan-Ganz catheterization was 1.
Forty-eight hours after the device was implanted, average cardiac index, which reflects how much blood the heart is pumping in relation to body weight, rose by 43%, while a measure of pressure within the heart fell by 52%.
An increase in cardiac index, a measure of how much blood the heart is putting into circulation for the body's organs (secondary endpoint).
To improve the CPP, the mean arterial pressure (MAP) is elevated by increasing the cardiac index and decreasing the systemic vascular resistance.
Dose-related improvements in pulmonary vascular resistance index (PVRI) and mean pulmonary arterial pressure (mPAP) were observed in patients treated with Revatio, and improvements in cardiac index were observed with all three Revatio groups over placebo.
Secondary endpoints include change in mean pulmonary arterial pressure and cardiac index as well as change in six-minute walk distance.
2], cardiac index and stroke volume variation (Vigileo [TM] Edwards-Lifesciences, USA), Bispectral Index and train-of-four stimulation (TOF-Watch SX, Dublin, Ireland) of the ulnar nerve.
Cardiac index also increased as lateral ventricular volume decreased, but this relationship was not significant when individuals with CVD were excluded.
The cardiac index changed in an inverse fashion to the filling pressures; however, these changes were not significant.
Repeat right heart catheterization showed improvement of cardiac output, cardiac index.
Although natriuretic peptides are sensitive but nonspecific markers of ventricular dysfunction, they should not be regarded as a surrogate for a single cardiac index.
In the immediate postop period, up to 48 hours from baseline, we had a significant change in cardiac index," THI cardiologist Timothy Myers told the conference attendees.