cardiac cycle

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the complete cycle of events in the heart from the beginning of one heart beat to the beginning of the next

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the sum of PEP and VET) from the total cardiac cycle period, assessed as 60/HR (Crisafulli et al.
Time domain: (1) SDNN: 24 hour RR intermediate stage standard deviation; (2) SDANN: five minutes average normal cardiac cycle standard deviation in 24 hour; (3) rMSSD: 24 h close together normal cardiac cycle difference value mean square root; (4) PNN50: the percentage of difference of close together RR intermediate > 50 ms account total RR intermediate.
The second was an unsteady laminar flow of four cardiac cycles to ensure that periodic steady conditions were reached.
For the assessment of blood age in this study, 5 additional cardiac cycles were simulated according to (6) after 3 cardiac cycles to obtain flow fields.
In a recent study, UCLA experts used a MRI technique called arterial spin labeling to measure the volume of cerebral arteries twice--once at the systolic phase of the cardiac cycle, when the heart was pumping blood into the brain, and again at the diastolic phase, when the heart was relaxing.
a short, early, and limited period of the cardiac cycle during which a stimulus elicits either a totally unexpected response or one that is less abnormal than expected considering the state of recovery from the preceding impulse.
Women with positive anti-Ro/anti-La antibodies should be followed during antenatal period beginning at 16 weeks of gestation for the development of heart block in the fetus by serial echocardiography to monitor for prolonged mechanical PR interval [Mechanical PR interval is defined as the time interval from the onset of the mitral A wave (atrial systole) to the onset of the aortic pulsed Doppler tracing (ventricular systole) within the same left ventricular cardiac cycle by using gated-pulsed Doppler technique].
Research: Pulmonary first pass filtration of particles marginally exceeding ~7 [micro]m (the size of a red blood cell) is used routinely in diagnostics, and allows cellular aggregates forming or entering the circulation in the preceding cardiac cycle to lodge safely in pulmonary capillaries/arterioles.
She describes basic cardiac anatomy, cardiac electrical conduction, the cardiac cycle and the rhythm strip, and the steps for reading an EKG, then how to recognize common cardiac rhythms, their possible causes, and examples, with practice strips and scenarios.
Measurements throughout cardiac cycle of displacement, velocity, strain and strain rate
1), (2) It has been available for some time, and been used in the past decade in the evaluation of cranial and spinal CSF flow, demonstrating a mechanical 'coupling between cerebral blood and CSF flows throughout the cardiac cycle and the temporal coordinated succession of these flows' in normal people.
The timing of events during the cardiac cycle may also be informative, according to Dr.
Over the next five minutes the AV ceased closing, remaining open throughout the cardiac cycle with absent aortic regurgitation.