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any general reduction in vitality and strength of body and mind resulting from a debilitating chronic disease

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According to the discussion by Niya Jones, chronic heart failure interferes with the absorption of fats and protein in particular; diminished blood flow to the intestines and fluid accumulation, called gut edema, contribute to malabsorption and likely promote the development of cardiac cachexia [36].
Considering the hypertrophic effects of chronic [beta]-AR activation, some authors have suggested [beta]-AR agonists as a pharmacologic therapy in counteracting cardiac cachexia in late 80's decade onwards.
Subcutaneous administration of ghrelin improved LV dysfunction and attenuated the development of LV remodeling and cardiac cachexia in
Yilmaz, et al argue that cardiac cachexia, if diagnosed late or misdiagnosed, can ultimately lead to problems in children with chronic CHF and chronic shunt hypoxaemia.
During the physical examination the clinician should be observant for signs of dyspnea, cardiac cachexia, cyanosis, pedal edema, ascites, and jugular venous distention.
Chronic heart dysfunction can result in cardiac cachexia, an inappropriate use of lean body mass instead of body fat that results in muscle wasting.
Cardiac cachexia is weight loss due to the debilitating condition of heart failure.
These include hemodilution, cardiac cachexia, biventricular heart failure, reduced colloid osmotic pressure causing pulmonary edema, and reduced tolerability and use of optimal medical therapy, said Dr.
The aetiology of cardiac cachexia is probably multifactorial [3].