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a person who holds a credit card or debit card

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a player who holds a card or cards in a card game

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The cardholder can visit the museum as many times during the year.
Mashreq announced a month long Buy to Fly promotion to rewards its cardholders the month of October a memorable one for all debit and credit card members.
"Strengthening our cardholder authentication is the key in building consumer trust in the digital economy," said Norman Martin Reyes, PNB Chief Marketing Officer.
The credit card companies claim only the main holder is protected as an additional cardholder creates an extra link in the chain.
The credit card companies claim that only the main cardholder is protected as an additional cardholder creates an extra link in the chain: Consumer (main cardholder) > additional cardholder> credit card provider > retailer In this case the direct link between you as the main cardholder and the card provider has been lost.
Cardholders will enjoy the special benefits of CIB credit cards, as well as EGYPTAIR Plus program privileges.
* In addition, cardholders can pay their bills online using the Balance Financial cardholder website.
For every RO1 ($2.59) spent on the card, cardholders are rewarded with two miles on Sindbad Frequent Flyer Programme.
Cardholders complained to GE that they were tricked into signing up for the card, which charged sky-high interest rates of up to 27 percent.
Malaysia Airlines on Thursday announced that with MasterCard it is offering MasterCard cardholders the chance to attend the forthcoming CIMB Asia Pacific Classic, Malaysia.
The promotion offers a double bonanza for OIB credit cardholders, from June 15 to September 15, as it has two elements of rewards.
The rule prohibits issuers from accessing cardholders with penalty fees of more than $25 for late payments or other violations of card terms--unless the cardholder has had repeated violations or the issuer can demonstrate that "a higher fee represents a reasonable proportion of the costs it incurred as a result of violations."
Although cardholders already have some legal protection against unauthorised use of their cards, the new legislation introduces an obligation on the card-issuer to refund any unauthorised amount when the cardholder has made the proper application to the issuer within eight weeks of the date of the unauthorised payment.
The high-level capabilities include virtually unlimited access groups for cardholders, copying cardholder data to a new card number, setting up cardholder event links from the cardholder's record, setting the card's activation and expiration dates, and setting a relay group to a specific reader for elevator control.
Additionally, base commanders are reminded of the security risk created if unnecessary personnel information (e.g., cardholder's names) is publicly available.