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Synonyms for card

a person who is appealingly odd or curious

a person whose words or actions provoke or are intended to provoke amusement or laughter

Synonyms for card

one of a set of small pieces of stiff paper marked in various ways and used for playing games or for telling fortunes

a rectangular piece of stiff paper used to send messages (may have printed greetings or pictures)

thin cardboard, usually rectangular

a witty amusing person who makes jokes

a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement

a printed or written greeting that is left to indicate that you have visited

(golf) a record of scores (as in golf)

a list of dishes available at a restaurant

(baseball) a list of batters in the order in which they will bat

a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilities

separate the fibers of


Related Words

ask someone for identification to determine whether he or she is old enough to consume liquor

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Anyone can become a carder and sell your data for just a few hundred dollars.
When you see a story about carders stealing a million, you have to realise that the person who actually did it got $100,000 tops," Fly explained.
We don't go to the market all that often because Mark has partnered us with such good carders.
Mark provided potential revenue figures to our carders and got us some premium refund based on the fact that the recession hit so hard that all the transportation companies' revenue dropped.
For example, Dolan recently helped resolve problems and mend stressed relationships with carders without his client knowing.
On their honeymoon, the Carders drove to Oregon and stayed.
Carder looks oddly out of place in his office on the 13th floor of Portland's Columbia Square, a building his company constructed 10 years ago.
In the future, he hopes, more carders will become computer literate.