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Synonyms for card

a person who is appealingly odd or curious

a person whose words or actions provoke or are intended to provoke amusement or laughter

Synonyms for card

one of a set of small pieces of stiff paper marked in various ways and used for playing games or for telling fortunes

a rectangular piece of stiff paper used to send messages (may have printed greetings or pictures)

thin cardboard, usually rectangular

a witty amusing person who makes jokes

a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement

a printed or written greeting that is left to indicate that you have visited

(golf) a record of scores (as in golf)

a list of dishes available at a restaurant

(baseball) a list of batters in the order in which they will bat

a printed circuit that can be inserted into expansion slots in a computer to increase the computer's capabilities

separate the fibers of


Related Words

ask someone for identification to determine whether he or she is old enough to consume liquor

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James Carder , CISO of LogRhythm and vice president of LogRhythm Labs, has more than 17 years of IT security experience developing and maintaining security governance and risk strategies.
Carder said the reputation of the college, which is about 40 miles west of Little Rock, is more important than going forward with the special election this year.
Having lost their opening set narrowly 25-23 to Carder and a similarly youthful Craig Pollock, Andy McGill and Mark Murphy rallied strongly to level at one set all before succumbing in the third.
Mr Carder said the Datsun van Black was driving was only really used for the Northern Ireland route and trips in and around London and East Anglia.
Carder took the job at Pulaski Tech earlier this year as she works to complete her doctorate in educational administration and supervision from UALR.
Dr Pippa Rayner, of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, said that winning the competition could mean the start of a carder bee revival.
ON THE WALL: Julia Carder at St George's Hall with the exhibition St George's Hall and I.
Mr Carder has agreed a four-year deal and will earn pounds 5,800 a year.
Al Carder spent sixty years as a plant biologist but never forgot the ancient Douglas fir forests which enthralled him as a child: when he retired he set out to find the trees, only to discover many had been felled by loggers or storms.
Don Rodriguez, who runs the Pitchess jail complex in Castaic, had last month with Carder and the rest of the town council.
Tender is not," when it comes to bug bites, notes Robin Carder, assistant professor of dermatology and pediatrics at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas.
Carder, a retired plant biologist, follows up his 1995 Forest Giants of the World, Past and Present with the present volume documenting notable trees--some still standing and some whose dimensions were gleaned from historical records--of British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.
Banged-up fuel pods on your M113A3 personnel carder are a sure sign that you've been towing recently.
The case was forgotten and Carder learned to live with the injuries and restore his life.
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