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It is a great card-index of observations, which in the hands of a more original and creative thinker might be interrogated and dissected, used to redefine basic concepts, and imaginatively combined in a new and original perspective on societies that had a pivotal role in the emergence of the kinds of social and economic structures that separate the last 1 percent of the human story from its slow start.
Scholars have aspired to create such a concordance since the beginning of the 20th century, and work actually began in the 1960s, but the quantity of data overwhelmed the card-index technology available then.
He deals gently with Gromov's card-index mentality--a wonderful thing for an editor in the world before computers, but a dangerously deadening quality in a critic determined to find consistency and system in a writer as many-sided as Chekhov.
These areas of the book smack too plainly of the card-index. Professor Weinbrot deserves our gratitude for bringing so many interesting writers within the circle of academic debate (I am myself particularly grateful to have been introduced to Samuel Cobb), but also for leaving it to other scholars to accord them the depth of treatment they will surely repay.
Arbiter Frisk is likely to be flashing yellows all over the place and a card-index buy could be a worthwhile trade.