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a table for playing cards (as in a casino)

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a small light table with folding legs

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A single card table labelled by Tulles working independently is also known.
When I got back to the basement, Blake was crawling around under a card table.
Plans have been approved for the ground floor of the former Midland Bank to be turned into a gaming centre, complete with slot machines, card tables and plasma TV screens.
It was very long, and in the middle there was alobby, a sort of sitting room, with upholstered chairs and card tables.
Perhaps Rosenthal's greatest innovation was introducing those sexy female croupiers to the card tables, though tragically he never introduced any to me.
On one of the card tables I find / An embossed souvenir trivet / From the Century of Progress World's Fair.
based Food Lion distributed 50,000 pocket tissue packs through card tables set up at store entrances and exits to tout the 1% cash back offered through its frequent shopper program and get consumers to sign up for the card.
He then describes various pieces ranging from a range of chairs to sofas, chests, desks, serving and dining tables, cupboards, wardrobes, tea and card tables, stands for candles and work tables, daybeds, bedsteads, and furniture peculiar to certain regions.
They just sat at card tables and listened to Guy Lombardo.
This not so tongue-in-cheek advice suggests that a lot of Jekyll and Hyde behavior goes on at card tables around the country, and there are people in need of 12-step programs or therapy.
Millett also constructed a number of dollhouses--most miniature, one large enough to enter-- filled with card tables, sawdust, and beds, all of which presented unmistakable, if meticulous, markers of class.
At 34 inches wide it is large enough for most card tables.
The facility has several small-scale living room areas, with seating around TV sets, fireplaces, wooden card tables, and so forth.
Dancers, still in their makeup, dig into cheese and wine set out on card tables.
Nick had envisioned just setting up card tables in the corner of their shop.