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a table for playing cards (as in a casino)

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a small light table with folding legs

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A Georgian buffet will be served and a bar will be open throughout the evening as well as card tables where you can enjoy traditional games.
The essential designs of both card tables are characteristic of the early Regency period.
For example, the future integrations can detect when multiple failed logins to a database server are followed by a successful login and access to credit card tables, followed by an upload to a questionable site," he added.
The 22,437 square foot venue will offer 13 gaming tables, five American Roulette and eight card tables, offering games such as Blackjack.
What is the name of the green cloth used to cover snooker and card tables? 8.
And desperate gambler Metcalf told police he could get it back on the card tables at the casino next door to the restaurant.
Plans have been approved for the ground floor of the former Midland Bank to be turned into a gaming centre, complete with slot machines, card tables and plasma TV screens.
"It was very long, and in the middle there was alobby, a sort of sitting room, with upholstered chairs and card tables."
Perhaps Rosenthal's greatest innovation was introducing those sexy female croupiers to the card tables, though tragically he never introduced any to me.
Single chairs and armchairs suffered the same decline as the other categories but card tables and chests of drawers showed gains.
/ On one of the card tables I find / An embossed souvenir trivet / From the Century of Progress World's Fair.
The upscale subsidiary of Salisbury, N.C.-based Food Lion distributed 50,000 pocket tissue packs through card tables set up at store entrances and exits to tout the 1% cash back offered through its frequent shopper program and get consumers to sign up for the card.
She had an authentic roulette wheel in the lounge and an array of card tables where visitors could play anything from vingt-et-un to three-card brag complete with 'wild deuces'.
He then describes various pieces ranging from a range of chairs to sofas, chests, desks, serving and dining tables, cupboards, wardrobes, tea and card tables, stands for candles and work tables, daybeds, bedsteads, and furniture peculiar to certain regions.
They just sat at card tables and listened to Guy Lombardo.