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a table for playing cards (as in a casino)

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a small light table with folding legs

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Vera Drake actor Staunton said: "It is refreshing that we're not all just plain women sitting around a card table in cardigans.
Gary's favorite times were those spent with family and friends, particularly around a card table or a campfire and enjoying barbeque picnics.
DO NOT EXPECT TO SEE THEM ON A CARD TABLE set up in front of the Safeway, but a line of craft beers modeled after Girl Scout cookies has developed quite a following in San Francisco.
With European Blackjack Redeal, the player is seated at a stylish green felt and walnut card table, and can then control their hand.
A single card table labelled by Tulles working independently is also known.
''The entire credit card table was encrypted and we have no evidence that credit card data was taken,'' Sony said in its latest update Thursday on its U.S.
The stand consisted of a card table divided into two equally sized but separate selling areas.
His incentive to stick around is Joyce Rogers, the much younger wife of a lawyer whom he's beaten badly at the card table. Their chemistry is powerful, but so is her desire to eliminate her husband and keep his money.
Make no mistake, Borowski does have intuitive people skills earned from closely watching competitors around the card table. Big Slick Daddy is remarkably well-written and useful.
For the record, though, War ne launched the website by sharing a card table with the assembled media.
The craft's highest-resolution camera will discern features as small as a card table. Orbiter will also scope out sites suitable for future landing missions and act as a communications relay for other craft, radioing data to Earth at 10 times the rate of any previous Mars craft.
Weary of the upheaval, Lewis says, "I'm just ready to get back to being Michele." She is ready to reclaim the Michele Lewis who, at age 24, in 1992, knew she did not want to continue working as a data entry clerk in a bank and began selling books on weekends from a card table that evolved into a brick-and-mortar business.
I just sat at my folded card table while flies festered at the leaking spots on my head ...
So we had a squadron commander, a blender, a card table and two chairs--that's how we started this Predator thing.