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a professional card player who makes a living by cheating at card games

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A crew of card sharps, conmen and getaway drivers is put together for the job.
Card Sharps and Bucket Shops: Gambling in Nineteenth-Century America, by Ann Fabian.
For an excellent discussion of the middle class's ambivalence toward risk-taking and gambling in the nineteenth century, see Ann Fabian's new book, Card Sharps, Dream Books, and Bucket Shops: Gambling in Nineteenth Century America, (Ithaca, 1990).
ONE of the world's most notorious card sharps has been jailed after conning EUR3,000-a -night out of casinos during a three-year spree.
CARD SHARPS: Nine-year-old Charlotte Cota shows off the cards, produced at Alexandra first school Ashington; below, Ben Dickinson and Shane Chapman, both nine DESIGN: Georgia Eaton with her card
The king of the card sharps though, has to be referee Rob Styles.
RINGO: Starr attraction; CARD SHARPS: Suzanne Collins presents Liverpool 08 cards to new students at Hope University, Childwall.
Any number of card sharps, gamblers, writers and poker players have laid claim to this succinct, but accurate, summary of life at the baize tables.
Mick Johnson's card sharps had due revenge though denting their host's cribbage title hopes while keeping alive their own, but 'Muda' are still favourites.
CARD SHARPS Det Con Andy Lawless (left) and Det Ins Paul Kennedy at the launch of Bridgend's new anti-credit card fraud scheme.
But Aspinall was not averse to cheating and would often recruit card sharps to assist in fleecing gamblers who had inherited fortunes.
I'M not exactly an authority on artificial intelligence - though I bow to no-one when it comes to genuine thickness - but even I could have told boffins that a poker-playing computer would be no match for real card sharps.
PRIM AND PROPER: Pupils lined up in their smart uniforms; LADIES FIRST: Cragside teachers from yesteryear; LEARNING: Head Mike Howard with, from left, Jessica Jones, Lili Hindmarch and Yuri Hionidis; DESK JOB: Pupils working hard in a lesson; CARD SHARPS: Pupils pick their numbers and play musical triangles; SKIPPING TO IT: Pupils dance and play outside the school
This Saturday the league's card sharps meet at Coton Libs for the cribbage individual championships.
DUBLIN is the new poker capital of Europe, according to international card sharps.