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a professional card player who makes a living by cheating at card games

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The lucky Midland card shark, known as Mooch to his fellow players, will be looking to emulate last year's main event winner Joe Cada.
Review by: Matthew Battles Aa In 2003, author Ben MezrichAurather like a cool card shark running the tableAuwas on a roll.
In one night, Danny's handpicked 11-man crew of specialists - including an ace card shark, a master pickpocket and a demolition genius - will attempt to steal over $150 million from three Las Vegas casinos owned by Terry Benedict, the elegant but ruthless entrepreneur who just happens to be dating Danny's ex-wife Tess.
It was a time when he saved many lives - though not the unfortunate card shark. The 56-year-old from Erdington had been called to a hostel for destitute men on Constitution Hill, where he discovered fourmenslippery with cider and playing cards.
Cooper says that these cellular findings have implications for how the human brain stores rapidly changing information, like the temporary memory a card shark uses when counting cards in a game of Black Jack and, as casinos have figured out, it is the memory that is most sensitive to the disruptive effects of alcohol and noisy distractions.
And so we have David Kushner's newest book, Jonny Magic and the Card Shark Kids, which tells the story of these scruffy wunderkinds and the game that spawned them.
THREE years after Danny Ocean (Clooney) and card shark Rusty Ryan (Pitt) masterminded the daring heist of $160m from arrogant casino owner Terry Benedict (Garcia), the various members of the Ocean crew are struggling to turn legit.
Glenn Ford is the tough card shark ("to me a dollar is a dollar in any language"), and Rita Hayworth the femme fatale with red hair, long legs, and bull whip in hand: "Amado mio, love me forever and let forever begin tonight."
THIS is the former production line assembly worker who was shown his cards for having poor coordination - and who's now the world's official number one card shark!
Like some hybrid of the protagonists of Clueless and "Little Red Riding Hood," our female lead is as knowing and diabolical as a card shark yet intensely innocent, an FBI informant going undercover to find out what happens with the Wolf before he tries to cat her.
He plays a broke gambler whose luck at the tables changes when he meets Ryan Reynolds' free-spirited card shark.
In Wild West Solitaire players take on the role of a cowboy in pursuit of wanted criminals in the Wild West and must capture them with their card shark skills.
Moran played Eddy the card shark in Guy Ritchie's 1998 film set in the east end of London which is centred on an epic, high-stakes game of poker which turned out to be fixed.
He's joined by the old gang including card shark Rusty (Pitt), master pickpocket Linus (Damon), explosives expert Basher (Don Cheadle), veteran con artist Saul (Carl Reiner) and safecracker Frank (Bernie Mac).