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In the old days, this could have been no more than a note in your diary, or some kind of card index.
The index was created to enable the Army Medal Office to list in a card index all of the details about an individual's medal entitlement, their rank or ranks, the unit or units they served in, the first operational theatre they served in and most importantly, the original AMO medal roll references.
argument my telephone book or card index in whatever alphabetical or
In May, the 30-day delinquency rate on machine tool leases reached its lowest level, approaching one percent, much lower than the 4.37 percent rate for credit card debt as measured by the Moody Credit Card Index. It was also lower than the 4.95 percent home mortgage delinquency rate reported by the Mortgage Bankers Association.
As established volunteers Ken and Ron were interested in a new project and showed some enthusiasm when, two years later, they were introduced to an embryonic card index which had been designed for inhouse use by reference staff.
pounds BRITONS expect to spend pounds 645 on their plastic in the next three months, says the Morgan Stanley Card Index. This is down 31 per cent from the pounds 940 we planned to spend in the last three months of 2005.
There's a card index you can look through to request photos so it's best if you can visit the Local Studies department to choose the images.
More than one in three were faced with an average pounds 208 of unforeseen home, car, social and personal expenses, according to The Morgan Stanley Card Index.
The Morgan Stanley Card Index reports that, on average, Britons were faced with pounds 208 of unforeseen home, car, social and personal expenses each.
Doctors usually have to rewrite obtained data by hand into electronic patient card index, than again by hand or using a simple program count the Fowler coefficient and also graphical output of audiometer (audiometrical curves) has to be enclosed.
Latest evidence comes from the Morgan Stanley Card Index and shows that, measured in credit card spending, this Christmas northern shoppers are expected to spend about half as much as their southern equivalents, pounds 749 as against pounds 1,466 in the final quarter of the year.
The American Jewish Committee (AJC) conducted similar quasi-official surveillance of "isolationist" and anti-Jewish groups, and "over a period of five years compiled a card index listing fifty thousand individuals who had some association with these organizations.
The nucleus of this remarkable effort was a card index of Saiva tantric terminology begun by Brunner and Padoux in the eighties, expanded since, as described above, to incorporate the work of other continental scholars and to include Vaisnava tantras.
Dr Prestwich, who is based at Lamlash Medical Centre, went to the office with Mrs Clark, who wrote a full report on a card index system, which will be free for inspection by health authorities.