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an alphabetical listing of items (e

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In fact, CenterPoint grants individual update, create and delete privileges to the Complaint, Contact, Aspect, Activity, Booking Info and Cost card files for greater flexibility.
The Rolodex Photo Frame Card File from Newell Office Products, Madison, Wis., not only provides the time-honored storage system, but the front of the box is an attractive frame suitable for displaying pictures of loved ones.
So I dig out my Rolodex -- actually not a Rolodex at all, but an A-to-Z card file -- containing both business cards and similarly sized cards with handwritten names and phone numbers.
We rushed to our card file and found three entries under his name: "May 1961: Multi-Stage Passing Action (#1)"; "June 1961: Multi-Stage Passing Action (#2)"; "September 1964: Scouting and Exploiting Your Opponents' Kicking Game."
Using a card file metaphor, Jot+ can have up to a million characters per note.
Instead of carrying a calendar, contact card file, to-do list and memo pad, tuck this 1.4-ounce, credit-card size Rex PC Companion in your pocket or purse.
Use a simple computer database or index card file to record species, measurements, locations; nominators, and property owners.
I remember her brandishing a card file, packed with the names of budding companies across the country which she was in the process of helping to organize.
This electronic card file lets you store all these names, addresses and phone numbers (up to two pages of notes per entry).
Generally speaking, a card file can be up to several hundred lines in length, thereby extending the capacity far beyond the end of the screen.
* Do provide a Rolodex card file of company experts with home and business phone numbers where they can be reached quickly at other than regular business hours.
Until now, reference staff at the Weston Public Library were faced with the nearly impossible task of providing frequently requested names, dates, and background material from fift-five years' worth of the Weston Town Crier without benefit of an index - even the most rudimentary card file system.
"We are the card file of choice in the office, but people haven't been making that leap [to bring Rolodex to the home office]."
The collating of recorded events in the 1962 Card File was the seed of the mammoth Index assembled by Art & Language a decade later.
In addition to an extensive card file, profit graphs/charts and custom reports, Microsoft Profit offers special features to save you steps and keep you on time.