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a library catalog in which each publication is described on a separate file card

an alphabetical listing of items (e

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Way back in the 1990s, the Open University of Tanzania library adopted manual card catalogue to facilitate easy access to the library collection among distance learners.
My habit of going over shelves of books or reading all the entries in a card catalogue has become a research method for me, such that when I search Google Scholar for something, I do not stop with the top 5 entries but scroll all the way to the end until Google has nothing more to offer.
This team worked its way through the various runs wherever Australian serials were to be found, such as obscure pamphlet collections, strange brown-paper bundles in the strong room, and the far reaches of the Ferguson Collection, as well as more obvious places like the visible index, the old dictionary card catalogue and the divided serial card catalogue.
Whether she can wow him with her knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System remains to be seen, but I'm sure if she hangs around for a while, she'll be able to plunder his card catalogue and get her hands on his big rubber stamp.
The school librarian would let me shelve the books and set up the card catalogue. I thought it was the most romantic thing in the world to be surrounded by books.
Ask the librarian to show you how to use a card catalogue and a computer to locate materials.
Fiction is listed twice in the card catalogue: author's last name and title.
But a subject search under a heading such as labor will yield too many references to be useful; the computer does not make the kind of distinctions (e.g., between labor unions and labor during childbirth) that a card catalogue does.
"The INNOPAC will provide enriched access for our readers, affording rapid discovery of information which in the past would only have been unearthed through a labor-intensive or serendipitous study of the card catalogue or the stacks," said Murray Waddington, Chief Librarian of the National Gallery.
If the issue is not addressed, there is tendency that the old manual method of keeping records like the card catalogue, may not give the users of these libraries adequate access to the library materials of the libraries and those of other libraries as well.
David Bunn acquired the roughly seven million cards that made up the Los Angeles Central Library's now-obsolete card catalogue in 1990.
Only 8 (5.2%) use the card catalogue. This low rate of catalogue use casts doubt on whether the library's collections are being fully used.
This unit handles the cataloguing and classification of library materials, card production, maintenance of the card catalogue, indexing and abstracting services among others.