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a library catalog in which each publication is described on a separate file card

an alphabetical listing of items (e

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My habit of going over shelves of books or reading all the entries in a card catalogue has become a research method for me, such that when I search Google Scholar for something, I do not stop with the top 5 entries but scroll all the way to the end until Google has nothing more to offer.
This team worked its way through the various runs wherever Australian serials were to be found, such as obscure pamphlet collections, strange brown-paper bundles in the strong room, and the far reaches of the Ferguson Collection, as well as more obvious places like the visible index, the old dictionary card catalogue and the divided serial card catalogue.
The card catalogue can give you more information without your having to actually look at the book.
between labor unions and labor during childbirth) that a card catalogue does.
David Bunn acquired the roughly seven million cards that made up the Los Angeles Central Library's now-obsolete card catalogue in 1990.
Similar to a library card catalogue, the index holds a copy of every page a spider reads and is updated accordingly when pages change.
With ActiveIP, we have essentially taken an old-school card catalogue and applied it to the Internet.
o Resource Library - The NEVAgator's Resource Library provides an extensive card catalogue of high-technology analyst firms, trade and business publications, and scheduled conferences.
Like a library card catalogue, it is the entry point that provides some sense of order to the vast wealth of information on the Internet.
Like a card catalogue, it is the entry point that provides some sense of order to the vast wealth of information on the Internet.
We view the Internet as a vast library where all the books have been piled at random, and where there is no librarian or card catalogue to help you," said Delrina president, Mark Skapinker.
And author Wendell Berry wrote back, "I refuse to cooperate in any way in the destruction of the card catalogues, which I think is a mistake, a loss, a sorrow.
For some issues one cannot be sure which floor books on that issue might be housed and you can have to check hand-written card catalogues on up to three separate floors to be sure where a book might be held.
At TI, vast intranet-resident databases contain card catalogues that let users look up summaries of experience and find phone numbers to contact "humans" for further knowledge.