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a library catalog in which each publication is described on a separate file card

an alphabetical listing of items (e

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The wooden card catalog stood sentry in one corner of the library.
The collections had never been studied systematically until now, and a complete catalog of the 4500 scores did not actually exist: the previous card catalog was mostly used for internal needs.
Young Bridgett's library may still have a card catalog, but the chaos that her pets--which range from a little frog to a very big elephant--create makes this a timeless, laugh out loud tour.
According to a September report from Wired News, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is storing and aggregating information on international flyers in a massive database--including a card catalog of information on our reading habits.
They seldom question the broader processes by which such evidence came to be saved, placed in an archive, cataloged by a professional, and listed in a card catalog.
It used to be that if you wanted to know about East Asian macroeconomics or arguments against cladistics, you'd go to the library card catalog, and there the experts would be.
She compares deleting a computer file or an e-mail to pulling a card out of a library's card catalog.
They can also search the card catalog for reading material and, in most instances, download content (including books and movies) directly from the library's site.
An antique barrister card catalog serves as an ingenious storage system for miscellaneous household items.
She seems to be wondering, Why aren't the students hovering about the old card catalog with its neatly typed Dewey Decimal numbers on index cards?
In a way, these search results are similar to what you used to get from a library's card catalog: namely, the location of the item and a brief description.
In it, the "fairy" version of the New York Public Library has a living card catalog named CATNYP.
Many adult learners have not stepped into a library since the disappearance of the card catalog, and their library anxiety is extremely high.
But lurking beyond the reach of the card catalog are thousands of materials such as reports, factsheets, newsletters, meeting transcripts, lesson plans, presentations, manuals, and interactive websites--so-called "fugitive literature"--that have never darkened the library's door.