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a malignant neoplasm composed of carcinoma and sarcoma extensively intermixed

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Most patients with carcinosarcoma of urinary bladder had high histological grade and advanced stage at the time of presentation.
Prostate carcinosarcoma is extremely rare and aggressive neoplasm.
Trousseau's syndrome with brachiocephalic vein thrombosis in a patient with uterine carcinosarcoma.
Co-expression of GPR30 and ERbeta and their association with disease progression in uterine carcinosarcoma.
Pulmonary carcinosarcoma was first described by Kika et al.
Sarcomatoid variant of urothelial carcinoma, formerly known as carcinosarcoma, may occur in 0.
Antitumoral and antioxidant effects of a hydroalcoholic extract of cat's claw (Uncaria tomentosa) in an in vivo carcinosarcoma model.
87%), endometrial stromal sarcoma, leiomyosarcoma and carcinosarcoma were each 01(0.
El termino carcinosarcoma se utilizo por primera vez por Virchow en 1864 para describir los tumores con elementos carcinomatosos y sarcomatosos (4), representa menos del 5% de todas las neoplasias uterinas (5).
5] The more popular Wargotz and Norris classification differentiates Metaplastic breast cancers into 5 subtypes: spindle-cell, squamous cell, carcinosarcoma, matrix-producing and MpBC with osteoclastic giant cells.
Gallbladder calcification leads to discovery of carcinosarcoma of the gallbladder.
Pharmacologic inhibitors of IkappaB kinase suppress growth and migration of mammary carcinosarcoma cells in vitro and prevent osteolytic bone metastasis in vivo.
Uterine carcinosarcoma and soft tissue sarcoma of the stomach were also reported to be associated with DM.