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Purpose of this study was to determine the correlation between epithelial cadherin (E-cadherin) expression in Basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma of skin.
Microscopically, adenoid cystic/basal cell carcinomas of the prostate can have either a predominant basaloid pattern like that of basal cell carcinoma of skin, or a cystically dilated acini and cells arranged in cribriform spaces surrounding eosinophilic-hyaline basement membrane-like material or basophilic mucinous secretion (Figure 1).
BCC is leading carcinoma of skin, an invasive, rarely metastasizing, stroma-dependent tumor whose epithelial component is derived from pleuripotent epidermal cells and mesodermal component is specific and integral for tumor development.
Primary adenoid cystic carcinoma of skin with lung metastasis.
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