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a small tumor (benign or malignant) arising from the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract

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Linda has also joined with the Carcinoid Cancer foundation to bring attention to this quiet and often too late diagnosed disease.
Specifically, octreotide has been shown to be efficacious in reducing the debilitating diarrhea and flushing episodes associated with metastatic carcinoid tumors.
David Meek, chief executive officer, Ipsen said, 'We are delighted to provide patients suffering from inadequately controlled carcinoid syndrome with a new treatment option in combination with a somatostatin analogue that demonstrates both efficacy and safety in particularly improving diarrhoea, a most debilitating symptom.
All patients with carcinoid, pheochromocytoma, pancreatic NET, prostatic adenocarcinoma, GIT NET, medullary thyroid carcinoma, schwannoma, lung small cell carcinoma, adrenal adenoma, and parathyroid adenoma had raised CgA values.
A rare case of primary carcinoid arising from mature cystic teratoma has been reported in this study.
Final pathology showed carcinoid tumor with three distinct masses, the largest 3.
The most common laryngeal neuroendocrine tumor is the atypical carcinoid (moderately differentiated neuroendocrine carcinoma), which is a malignant epithelial tumor showing neuroendocrine histologic and immunohistochemical features.
Carcinoid tumours are slow growing tumours, derived from enterochromaffin cells located in the crypts of LieberkA1/4hn, which is part of neuroendocrine system.
In the article "A Heart Gripping Case: Carcinoid Heart Disease" published on pages 93-96 of the January-March 2015 issue of the AMEDD Journal, the byline entry "Capt John P.
6% showed tuberculosis, one each case was diagnosed as adenocarcinoma and carcinoid.
The 51-year-old journalist, who has led the corporation's Westminster coverage since 2005, needs an operation to remove a bronchial carcinoid tumour from his lung.
The veteran broadcaster is to undergo an operation to remove a rare carcinoid tumour.
The political editor, who has led the corporation's Westminster coverage since 2005, is being treated for a carcinoid tumour on his lung, which will involve surgery.
The 51-year-old journalist, who has led the BBC's Westminster coverage since 2005, needs surgery for a carcinoid tumour.