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any substance that produces cancer

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In the closing session, Gwen Collman, chief of the NIEHS Susceptibility and Population Health Branch, presented a framework upon which the results from the different BCERCs will fill in the gaps of scientific understanding about mammary gland development and breast cancer in the context of likely environmental carcinogens. "It was always our intention that [the BCERC program] would spark dialogue between laboratories, scientists of different disciplines, and advocates," said Collman.
Previous debate, centering on the notion that atrazine was a human carcinogen, stemmed from studies in which Sprague-Dawley rats developed mammary-gland tumors after being exposed to the pesticide.
In the first model, the combination treatment given during carcinogen exposure resulted in significantly fewer lung cancer tumors compared with placebo or either treatment alone.
- based in Wichita, Kansas - has been cited for exposing employees to carcinogen hazards and faces penalties of $193,218 for two repeated and four serious violations, federal safety officials say.
A study of air pollution in Taichung City has found that seven districts contain unacceptable levels of PM2.5 and eight first-level airborne carcinogens, reported SETN.
Does exposure to a carcinogen guarantee I will get cancer?
The best filter they developed removed as much as 93% of benzo[a]pyrene, a known carcinogen. There have been a couple of attempts to reduce carcinogens in smoke using other technologies, but they aren't as effective as the researchers' approach, we're told.
NDMA, an organic chemical produced as a byproduct of industrial processes, is classified as a group 2A "possible carcinogen," by the International Agency for Research on Cancer under the World Health Organization.
3 Alcohol - Yep, not only can it leave you with a stinking hangover, guilt-ridden and shaky if you've overdone it; or a bit "tired" if you had a few glasses too many at dinner, alcohol is also a known carcinogen. Sorry, there's no way round it.
Ortho-toluidine--used to make rubber chemicals, pesticides, and dyes --has been reevaluated and now is listed as a known human carcinogen. Three substances have been added as reasonably anticipated to be human carcinogens: 1-bromopropane, used as a cleaning solvent and spray adhesive; cumene, used to make phenol and acetone, and also found in fuel products and tobacco smoke; and the wood preservative mixture pentachlorophenol.
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is advising the public to return recalled products for a full refund on clothes affected by carcinogen known as Azo dyes.
The risk of getting cancer from diesel fumes is small, but since so many people breathe in the fumes in some way, the science panel said raising the status of diesel exhaust to carcinogen from "probable carcinogen" was an important shift.
Liver tumors were induced in four of the groups by the administration of DEN, a potent carcinogen. While one group given DEN received no additional treatment, the three other groups received varying doses of saffron beginning two weeks prior to injection with the carcinogen.
Riddelliine, which is found in some plants, also was classified as a reasonably anticipated human carcinogen. The form in which it may cause cancer is not associated with the form used to make the drug ritalin, which is prescribed for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, said John Bucher, associate director of the NTP, in announcing the report.