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Synonyms for carcass

Synonyms for carcass

the physical frame of a dead person or animal

Synonyms for carcass

the dead body of an animal especially one slaughtered and dressed for food


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Subsequent carcass disposal and cleaning and disinfection of the premises may be considered as recovery measures.
RESIDENTS living near a Warwickshire landfill site where animals culled during the foot and mouth crisis have been buried, say their safety fears have not been allayed by a government report on carcass disposal.
Minister Kunath also Was empowered to amend legislation regulating animal epidemics and carcass disposal. Such changes could not only mandate the destruction of entire herds if necessary, but also require animal carcass disposal plants to make final disposal of animal cadavers through incineration.
In response, the federal Health of Animals Branch dispatched staff veterinarians to oversee carcass disposal operations and later to take part in bison depopulation and vaccination programs.
After the tour, the Livestock & Poultry Commission met and formally amended its regulations to include freezing as an acceptable carcass disposal method.
The ewes were worth PS75 each and carcass disposal costs could come to PS18 per body.
The unseasonal conditions hit during the lambing season and saw special carcass disposal measures brought in, but critics within the farming community said the Welsh Government's response had been "inadequate".
Also covered are disease control topics such as poultry culling/ depopulation, carcass disposal, virus inactivation, biosecurity, vaccinology, and diagnostic testing.
It will give the Assembly powers to licence slaughterhouses, control carcass disposal, and impose levies and compensation related to pig diseases.
He said: "If the use of this site for carcass disposal causes the spread of the disease to Warwickshire it will be an absolute disaster and the Government will be held to account."
Agriculture Minister Nick Brown said the difficulty faced by MAFF workers trying to speed up disease diagnosis and carcass disposal was a lack of vets.
The National Fallen Stock Company issued its statement after a spate of high profile stories in the media has left local authorities more aware of the issue, and more inclined to take action against those responsible for illegal carcass disposal.
If the scheme fails to get off the ground,farmers will have to make their own carcass disposal arrangements, which could prove costly for many.