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Synonyms for carcass

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Synonyms for carcass

the physical frame of a dead person or animal

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Synonyms for carcass

the dead body of an animal especially one slaughtered and dressed for food


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References in classic literature ?
The carcass hung for a few minutes to bleed; there was no time lost, however, for there were several hanging in each line, and one was always ready.
In still other places men were engaged in cutting up the carcasses that had been through the chilling rooms.
Unlike the place they had left, all this work was done on one floor; and instead of there being one line of carcasses which moved to the workmen, there were fifteen or twenty lines, and the men moved from one to another of these.
Then once more the gates were opened, and another lot rushed in; and so out of each pen there rolled a steady stream of carcasses, which the men upon the killing beds had to get out of the way.
It was all highly specialized labor, each man having his task to do; generally this would consist of only two or three specific cuts, and he would pass down the line of fifteen or twenty carcasses, making these cuts upon each.
Now he worked at skinning the six pigs and his eyes and his fingers worked as though there was naught else in all the world than these six carcasses; but his ears and his nose were as busily engaged elsewhere--the former ranging the forest all about and the latter assaying each passing zephyr.
Leisurely he gathered up the six pelts and one of the carcasses, and as the lioness appeared between the boles of two trees he swung upward into the branches above him.
The ape-man doubted the verity of the latter suggestion as he had fed the lion the entire carcasses of a deer and a hyena only a few days since--he could not have starved in so short a time, while the little rivulet running across the gulch furnished him with water a-plenty.
"They had the same expedient at command as yourself," rejoined Middleton, as the party slowly proceeded, approaching the other carcass, which lay directly on their route.
"This has been a strange beast, old man," said Paul, who had pulled the bridle, or rather halter of his steed, over the second carcass, while the rest of the party were already passing, in their eagerness to proceed; "a strange horse do I call it; it had neither head nor hoofs!"
Shame, shame, old Hector: as for the captain's pup, it is to be expected that he would show his want of years, and I may say, I hope without offence, his want of education too; but for a hound, like you, who have lived so long in the forest afore you came into these plains, it is very disgraceful, Hector, to be showing your teeth, and growling at the carcass of a roasted horse, the same as if you were telling your master that you had found the trail of a grizzly bear."
That I should mistake the hide of a buffaloe, scorched and crimpled as it is, for the carcass of a horse!
Even D'Arnot was thunderstruck, for it seemed impossible that the man could have so quickly dispatched a lion with the pitiful weapons he had taken, or that alone he could have borne the huge carcass through the tangled jungle.
Summary: Baghpat (Uttar Pradesh) [India], June 4 (ANI): Tension gripped Baghpat after members of Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM) and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) reportedly found a carcass in a room here and staged protest alleging that illegal cow slaughter was taking place in connivance with the police.
All those who improperly dispose of dead pigs will be fined, the center noted, adding that if an improperly disposed of pig carcass tests positive for a communicable disease and the farmer is identified, the maximum fine is NT$1 million (US$31,705).