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Synonyms for carcass

Synonyms for carcass

the physical frame of a dead person or animal

Synonyms for carcass

the dead body of an animal especially one slaughtered and dressed for food


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He had left the carcass of the mighty thoat to be devoured after having consumed the more tooth-some portion of his banquet.
True to its mark the iron-shod weapon flew, transfixing Numa's sleek carcass from the right groin to beneath the left shoulder.
When the boy had torn the steaming carcass across and cooled it, Jerry's meal began; nor did the meal cease till the last sliver of meat had been stripped and tongued from the bones and the bones crunched and crackled to fragments and swallowed.
I live in my heart and in my head, sir--not in this feeble carcass I cursorily inhabit.
The light-brown body of the naked youth, all but hidden by the shaggy carcass of the killed ape, the red blood streaking his smooth hide, his muscles rolling, velvety, beneath.
It was Manu, the monkey, Manu, the little coward, and here he was daring the ferocity of the great Mangani, hopping about upon the carcass of Numa, the lion, and crying out that they must not strike it again.
Molly then taking a thigh-bone in her hand, fell in among the flying ranks, and dealing her blows with great liberality on either side, overthrew the carcass of many a mighty heroe and heroine.
Look ye, here," returned the trapper, pointing to the mutilated carcass of a horse, that lay more than half consumed in a little hollow of the ground; "here may you see the power of a prairie conflagration.
Perhaps this then has been but the carcass of an animal, or he too would have fled?
They had the same expedient at command as yourself," rejoined Middleton, as the party slowly proceeded, approaching the other carcass, which lay directly on their route.
This has been a strange beast, old man," said Paul, who had pulled the bridle, or rather halter of his steed, over the second carcass, while the rest of the party were already passing, in their eagerness to proceed; "a strange horse do I call it; it had neither head nor hoofs
Shame, shame, old Hector: as for the captain's pup, it is to be expected that he would show his want of years, and I may say, I hope without offence, his want of education too; but for a hound, like you, who have lived so long in the forest afore you came into these plains, it is very disgraceful, Hector, to be showing your teeth, and growling at the carcass of a roasted horse, the same as if you were telling your master that you had found the trail of a grizzly bear.
That I should mistake the hide of a buffaloe, scorched and crimpled as it is, for the carcass of a horse
In sidewalls, the tire comprises at least two axially adjacent carcass reinforcing layer portions, the reinforcing elements of the said carcass reinforcing layer portions being directed on each side of a meridian plane, at least in part of the sidewalls, and the reinforcing elements of at least one working layer crossing the reinforcing elements of the carcass-type reinforcing structure at an angle greater than 40[degrees]
Knowledge of the occurrence of arthropods and how they respond to different environmental conditions improves estimation of the PMI and can help determine if a carcass was relocated from another region (Byrd et al.